Write the application addressed to the headmaster or to the Department of education in your city. Fill in your details: name, home address, phone.
State detailed facts that gave rise to the complaint. Specify the name of the child (or children) and teachers, between which the conflict occurred. If possible, please attach to the complaint, for example, a medical report, photos (if there was a beating of a child), a written confirmation about the incident from other people (with their identities), record in the school diary etc.
Enlist the support of other parents. Even if the children are ready to confirm your story, you should first talk to their parents. A collective complaint is the best option.
Describe what caused the events – the child refuses to go to school, he had problems in the nervous system, decrease of self-confidence, the emergence of fears, restless sleep, underestimation, etc. avoid emotional statements. Bring dry facts.
In conclusion, state your requirements: what measures you ask to take (to fire the teacher, impose administrative penalties, to transfer the child to another class or school, to return the illegally collected money, public apology, etc.). Mark the date and signature.
Prepared take the complaint personally to the school Secretary in two copies (original and copy). The original complaint are required to register, and the second instance to assure, thus confirming that the complaint has been received. Or send the application by mail with acknowledgment of receipt. Possible and this option: the school Director, submit the original complaint and to the Department of education – copy. Your complaint must be considered within a month. Perhaps the management will decide to limit conversation with you, in this case, require a formal, written response to the complaint.
If your application does not respond or the response was inadequate, refer the complaint to the Prosecutor.