Write the complaint by hand or type on the computer. The latter option is preferable, since in this form it will look more impressive. In addition, printed text is easier to read. Page on which is written the complaint must be in A4 format.
In the upper right corner complete the header of the document, which is written in a column. It must specify to the Director what school and what settlement you are addressing. Then write his name and initials. Below please enter your name and initials. If the complaint is a collective, you must list the names of all participants. In the latter case, you may also sign the "parents class 3-A".
Withdraw 1-2 cm from the top, in the middle of the page write the word "complaint" and put in the first punctuation mark in the document - point. Then with a red line describe your requirement clearly. In this case you must indicate the position, surname and initials of those persons mentioned in the complaint.
Politely ask them to resolve the violations with which you have a claim, or to take other necessary, in your opinion, measures. When writing a text, avoid the use of profanity, words and expressions with bright expressive color.
Check your written text for errors, otherwise the document can be taken lightly. If all is made correctly, at the end of the complaints on the left side put the date and to the right is your signature and its transcript. If the complaint was a collective, it is necessary that the signature and decrypt the set of all persons from whom written appeal.
Make a photocopy of the complaint and personally take it to the Secretary Director. Wait until he will register the document and note on the copies of the inbound date. Then wait for her to respond. According to the law, the Director would have to answer your appeal to him within 30 days from the date of registration of the document.