Who can be a Director

The local government bodies, which include committees of education, usually creating the personnel reserve of the teachers who have organizational skills. If the head of the institution for any reason goes, was appointed in his place who was part of the reserve. In this case the new head is usually not lost because it had special courses in advanced training Institute, I learned to understand the law and financial matters. But it happens that a position of leadership just appointed initiative teachers whose special training is not. In this case, the new Director should at least begin to explore these questions. Of course, in parallel will have to do other things.

Old school or new?

This is a very important question. If the school is old, she already has some traditions and teachers – the opinion of what should be a Director. You will inevitably be compared with the former one. Therefore, in the first place makes sense to talk to him and ask about traditions, teachers and curricula. Of course, many questions will be removed, if you have already some time worked in this school. But in any case, you need to speak with the former Director and ask them to introduce you to the financial regulation, filling in documentation, program development, educational institution, if it is already there.

If you accept a new school, you should start with inspection of the building. Let's see how it is able whether there are deficiencies, when approximately they will be eliminated. Join in the preparation of documentation. Even if teaching staff have not recruited and lists of children not ready, some of the documents you can prepare yourself. Samples can be taken in the education Committee or to download on the official website of the Ministry of education.

Cadres decide everything

Meet the team. Regardless, assume you are old school or new, talk to each teacher individually. Find out what program it works, whether it suits the school that he would like to make to its development. Try to establish a relaxed relationship of trust with the opportunity of constructive criticism and free discussion of problems. It is quite possible that in conversation with teachers born the idea which way the school goes on. After chatting with everyone, target prospects, assemble the whole team and discuss it.

Certification, accreditation, licensing

Don't forget to find out when the school has passed the certification and accreditation, as well as the term of the license. It is not excluded that your work as a Director can start with applying for one of these mandatory procedures. If the school is new, the question is, at what time your school will undergo these treatments, you need to find out in the education Committee.