Any parent understands that knowledge is more important than the formal figures in the diary, but for a child, especially in elementary school, mark plays an important role in creating motivation for learning and the formation of an internal self-assessment. For high school students score affects the average score in the certificate, furthermore, the possibility to obtain a gold or silver medal also depends on the ratio of "fives" and "fours" in the graduating classes.

How likely is the lower estimates

Subjective approach to evaluation of knowledge can be observed on the part of the student and parents. Parents, students and teachers of the law are the subjects of the educational process, so the transparency of the assessment system should exist for all.

You need to know each parent that the teacher is simply unprofitable to artificially reduce the estimates as at the end of each quarter he shall report the quality of performance. And the results of its report the conclusion is made about the quality of his teaching.

Perhaps parents who do not have pedagogical education, themselves subjectively assess their child. In elementary school, parents just have to get acquainted with the teacher and clarify the situation. The teacher is required to explain its requirements and to give recommendations for their implementation. As a variant – you can find the opportunity to attend the lessons, of course, not to monitor activities of teachers, and under pretence of acquaintance with the methodology of the survey and comparative analysis of knowledge of their child with other children.

Student middle level or high school student can approach the teacher and ask himself the reason for the understatement, in his opinion, evaluation. As a rule, to explain the performance criteria of the written work and to evaluate its degree of compliance with them, the teacher is not difficult. Harder with the verbal response. However, parents should be aware that according to modern educational standards, a simple retelling of the textbook is not practiced. School crossing on the project activity and the project generally runs in the team, with parental participation encouraged.

What if the bias of the teacher is evident

There is an algorithm of solution of disputable issues related to the assessment of the level of knowledge that is described in article 45 of the Federal law "On education in RF". In accordance with article of law, the application is submitted to the Director or the Commission for the settlement of disputes. But this is an extreme measure, the result of which could be the creation of the Commission for the verification of factual knowledge.

The optimal solution of the proof of his knowledge is a participation in the all-Russian Olympic games of school students on the controversial subject. Victory even at the school stage will demonstrate a sufficient level and quality of knowledge that will be the best evidence of the bias of the teacher.