Corruption in modern society permeates all sectors of activity. It is especially developed in the business. For example, you are an entrepreneur who needs to obtain a certificate of permission from fire Department for use of the building. You are faced with the fact that you require a bribe to obtain this document. What to do in this and similar cases?Contact your local public Prosecutor's office with a request to check the activities of fire control. Write the corresponding statement-complaint against the corrupt nature of local officials. To make such a statement possible and on the special resource "law-Enforcement portal of the Russian Federation, located at: Here your complaint will be reviewed by the staff of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.If you are faced with the fact that the teachers of higher educational institutions or secondary school teachers need a bribe, you can complain to a special telephone hotline of the Ministry of education and science of Russia. On the issue of combating corruption in this area, please call (495) 629-52-44.In case when you require a bribe to the physician of the municipal polyclinic, make a complaint to the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of health. This can be done on the website at or at the regional offices of the service.If the problems of corruption during interaction with the police you can complain to Department of Own Safety (USB). To make a complaint in the CSS you can in your city (if you have a similar organization) or the "law Enforcement portal of the Russian Federation" - On this website you can send an appeal and the FSB and the General Prosecutor's office, Federal tax service and the Ministry of justice. All received treatment considered mandatory, and in accordance with them, measures are taken upon confirmation of the facts of corruption activity on the part of police officers.