You will need
  • paper;
  • - handle;
  • - a clear statement of the problem;
  • - evidence that the student has committed an extraordinary act.
Specify the reason you are writing the memo. Rate, whether we are talking about serious violations of discipline, or just unusual behavior. If the misconduct of the student is not dangerous, try to resolve the conflict on their own or with the help of parents. Try to understand the reasons behind it. Hold the handle only in case if required the emergency intervention of the Director or even the Board of education. Such a situation can arise, for example, if a student is suicidal, use drugs, if he regularly for no reason misses a class, has classmates, adequately behaves on the lesson, etc., Try to separate something that has the right student (e.g., not wearing school uniform, or to let long hair), that is a violation of the rights of others.
In the upper right corner, write a memo to whom it is addressed, that is the position, the school, the surname and the initials. This block contains the information who received a report from the class teacher of that class. Put your surname, name and patronymic in the genitive case. Back off a few inches down and write the word "Memorandum".
Back off a few inches down. Beginning of the first sentence is: "I Bring to Your attention that..." Then describe the problem. Then in a few lines describe what measures you have taken. If you have documentary evidence of the guilt of the student, please indicate this. At the bottom of the sheet write the date, signature and decryption.
Strict requirements to the design Memorandum no. It can be handwritten or typed on the computer. It is often important fact of the existence of such a document, rather than its design. However, try to keep the text readable, regardless of, whether it is written by hand or typed on the computer.
A report can be submitted directly to the Director. But it is better to refer the document to the Registrar and ask to register. This is especially important if the situation is really serious and dangerous.