First write a written statement (complaint). As a rule, it needs to be addressed in local government education, which the school is accountable. It can be: the Department of education, district Board, education Department and other authorized bodies.
Write the complaint carefully. It should be written well and correctly, without mistakes and unnecessary emotional words. With a short but clear statement of the problems or claims. Also, it is preferable to make the complaint in electronic form and then printing it on A4 paper. You will need at least two copies.
In the upper right corner of the sheet, specify to whom it is addressed (a full name of the institution name of person) and from whom (your initials with a surname, contact phone number, address).
Stepping back slightly below, write in the centre of the sheet "complaint" and describe the nature of the claim. Also state your wishes, or rather, what sanctions should be applied to the administration of the school (for example, the imposition of administrative penalties). At the bottom of the sheet and sign (signature) and date of writing the complaint.
It is desirable that the complaint was collective. Enlist the support and assistance from other parents. Quite often from illegal actions (inaction) of the school administration suffer from several of her students.
Take drafted the complaint in the receiving local education Department. There is her duty to accept and to register. Or send it by registered mail. The complaint must be reviewed within a period not exceeding one month. If any actions has not followed, feel free to contact higher authorities: the provincial education Department, the Prosecutor or even the court.