You will need
  • - telephone directory;
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - text editor.
Before you start to walk the chain of command, think what you want to complain. Determine that you are not satisfied with the overall situation in the school, the level of knowledge that children receive in the bad organization of the educational process, extortion, brutality Director or that he has not taken any action when you complained to the teacher. Record your claim.
Long letter not worth writing. Briefly describe the essence of the problem – what are you complaining about when and under what circumstances the incident occurred. If you tried to speak to the Director or wrote the complaint on his name, note this. The text is better, of course, get on the computer and save, then turning to the next level you will need to change the "hat" and add information about the new circumstances.
You may refer your complaint to the local Department of education. Such letters are written in a free form, but at the top of the sheet, indicate the position, surname and initials of officials below – who's writing your address, telephone number and email address. Official in this case is the head of the Department of education. It's helpful to find out his name, initials and the correct job title. Under the "cap" put the text of your letter, and below the date and signature. Residents of small towns often do include similar letters to the Department of education or reception. Do not forget to ask the receptionist to register your complaint. But the complaint can be sent by regular mail. The most convenient option – a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. You can use this service as an "Electronic Desk", or send an email. In Metropolitan areas this is even easier. The document in this case goes through all the same stages as any other citizens.
If the local Department of education in your appeal did not respond to email complaint to the regional education Committee or even the Ministry. The text can be left as is, but be sure to Supplement where you have already asked and which got the answer.
Considering that the conditions of schooling do not correspond to the Russian educational standards refer directly to the service. It is also recommended to do if you think that the qualification of a Director does not meet the position. Describe in detail what, in your opinion, does not meet the necessary requirements. As in the previous cases, the letter can take personally or sent by mail, regular or electronic.
Sometimes you need to complain to the Director, not in the spotlight, and immediately to the Prosecutor. For example, if the school are frequent cases of violence, have not respected the rights of children to protection of their life and health, etc. to Contact the Prosecutor to arrange a test over the phone, but it is better to submit a written complaint, outlining all the claims. Your appeal should register and then notify about the validation result.