Of course, to write a letter to the education Minister and hope that he will read it, not worth it. The Ministry of education and science has a Department on work with references of citizens. All received letters and statements fall into this Department. Subsequently, the Department sends letters to specific specialists.
Write a letter with notice of receipt. So you can be sure that it accurately reaches its intended recipient, and you are entitled to a response within 30 days of receipt of the letter. Send a letter to the address: 125993, Moscow, GSP-3, Tverskaya ulitsa, 11.
You can use the official websiteof th Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation and ask a question or leave a request in the section "feedback". In order to make your letter read, you must leave your contact information and information about yourself. If the matter is urgent, the initial response will come to you via e-mail. In the future, you can count on an official letter.
If you on the issue you already addressed in other instances, the paper letter will include copies of responses you have received. It is no secret that often these letters begin to send to other subordinate organizations. And if every organization considering a letter 30 days, you can calculate how long I have to wait for a response.
Another important factor is how prepared your appeal. Try not to write long, confusing sentences. Your question, request or gratitude should not exceed 5-6 sentences on the merits. Clearly formulate your thoughts, if there are several questions, organize them into paragraphs. In the letter, you can refer to the articles of the law, to indicate the number of normative documents. Even if you get overwhelmed at times (if you write about a controversial situation), do not allow yourself to become personal, insulting and criticism. Otherwise, your letter did not take into consideration.