Guided by the rules of formatting a business letter, start the filling with the traditional details of the person to whom it is addressed. Place them in the upper right corner, starting with specifying the position of "Director". Next, write the name of the educational institution in accordance with the accepted standards of "MOU SOSH №". In the dative case, indicate the name and initials of the addressee. Here let and private details, name, surname and patronymic in the format of "one." It may be "the student such-and-such class" or "parent student", etc.
The letter is one of the few official documents, whose name is not written in the text. So start right away with the address "Dear" followed by the name and patronymic of the Director. Next, on a new line, we proceed to the statement of the circumstances that led you to write this letter. Try to adhere to the business style of presentation and to avoid unnecessary details.
Now go to the fact that concise and to the point. Use the most correct wording, avoiding manifestations of acrimony. Let their demand or request in the final part of the letter, which will be a logical conclusion of the preceding text. Specify the time frame in which you expect to receive the response and measures that intend to take, if your opinion is not accepted. If the thank-you letter, end it with an expression of sincere gratitude.
In conclusion, signature, decipher it in brackets and specify the date of the letter. If the letter will be accompanied by any documents, list them under "Application", pre-numbering. Here you can specify additional details if required based on the nature of the treatment.