Advice 1: How to fire the Director of the school

The Director of the school can not take your post always. The employer of the school Director is the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, with whom he enters into a contract for 5 years. If the Director violates the law or is the despot that humiliated subordinates, makes absurd, illegal actions, it is possible and necessary to fight, he should complain and get him fired.
How to fire the Director of the school
Fight Director-"petty tyrant" alone difficult, so better to enlist the support of your fellow teachers. Claims should not be unfounded, will "fight" with disgruntled statements, especially with the help of anonymous letters. Emotions and temper in this case will not help. If you see that a Director violates the law, for example, uses revenues to the school for their own benefit, try to collect as much evidence of that breach. So, for example, extrabudgetary funding in the form of parental voluntary contributions should not be monitored by the Director and the whole-school parent Committee. And only at the meeting of the Committee to decide where the first will be the money spent. If not, then you have the right to file a complaint, collecting signatures of parents in the education Department, what would be the reason for checking in the school. The result of this check can be "opened" and other violations from the Director.
Parent, and the more the PTA has a big influence on the Director. If the parents are not happy with the way lessons are organised in the school and how to ensure the safety of children during training, and the Director shall not take action - this is the basis for treatment with a complaint of "negligent" activity. It will be checked and, possibly, dismissal of the Director for dereliction of duties.
Currently the most effective method to combat any unscrupulous Director is the website of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Russian President's website (President.of the Russian Federation). When filing a complaint through the form for these sites, you must state your surname, first name, email address, telephone number, social position, country. All complaints to the government necessarily reviewed and action is taken fairly quickly.

Advice 2: How to dismiss a subordinate

Rarely in our days the employees work in the company until retirement. Sometimes the head has to dismiss the employee, and this can be done on the basis of mutual consent or on the initiative of the employer.
How to dismiss a subordinate
If we are talking about mutual agreement, problems usually arise. Call the employee on the conversation, explain to him the reasons why you think his further stay in the organization inappropriate. The most common reason is the mismatch of requirements management and real low indicators of work efficiency. Bring to the attention of the employee that the resignation it will be more profitable than the dismissal of the article on the mismatch position.
If the employee disagrees with the above arguments, dismiss it in connection with discrepancy of a post. A good argument will be an indicator of incompetence of employee, when your attempts to teach him has not led to the achievement of the desired standard of performance. A digital proof will be the percentage of failure to plan (quarterly, annual, etc.) or a lack of adequate numbers increase.
A valid reason for the dismissal of an employee is late without a valid reason. This behavior not only jeopardizes the timely and quality execution of their official duties, but sets a bad example more punctual colleagues. If the slave, despite repeated warnings about the possible consequences of their behavior, continues to be late to your workplace, get rid of him for non-compliance of the working discipline. For the same formulation fire employees who intentionally refuse to perform their duties. They violate the basic hierarchy of superior and subordinate and destabilizie other employees.
In the case of converting enterprises and reducing maintenance costs dismiss subordinate staff reduction. In this case, notify him in advance about his intentions. With the reduction, note that you will have to pay him entitled to under the law compensation.

Advice 3: Where to complain to the headmaster

School state Director is the President, and the President, as you know, the ultimate power. Head teachers perform the function of Ministers, teachers, mayors, each class is a city with its population. Despite the fact that the last word in addressing in-school issues always remains with the Director, any conflict can be resolved.
Where to complain to the headmaster
If you decide to complain to the Director of the school, gather as much information. In addition to the words, you can make a sound recording (use analog, not digital recorder), copies of documents, to gather evidence of a wrong Director.
Your second step should be a visit to the Director. Find out office hours, call the receptionist and make an appointment. Specify the question that you want to apply to the Director had the opportunity to clarify a conflict situation, prepare the necessary documents.
Calm constructive conversation is the key to solving most of the conflicts. Maybe the Director can not do otherwise, as his actions are regulated by Russian legislation, the laws of the region of residence, orders of the Department of education, intra-school Charter. It is not excluded that the opposite point of view has right to exist. Try to look at the problem from a different angle, to analyze information, which will give the Director.
If constructive conversation did not work or you are unable to resolve the conflict by peaceful means, will have to appeal to a higher court. The first should be the Department of education of your city or region (if you live in the village or the village). Parents should write the application addressed to the Chairman of the Department of education, which indicate the essence of the conflict, sought his permission. You can attach evidence, if any were collected.
The main document should be typed on a computer and printed. Information should be presented clearly, intelligently, without unnecessary emotions. Violations Director is required to issue in the form of a numbered or bulleted list. The document need to specify your requirements and your vision of solving the conflict. Otherwise, the official will not be able to understand what exactly are you trying lodging a complaint. If the dispute concerns several children, the statement must be signed and their parents.
A copy of the document should retain the original and send a registered letter with acknowledgment at the Department of education. Any incoming correspondence is recorded in a special journal and must be considered within a specific, established by the legislation of the period. Your complaint will simply not be able to lose or ignore, if you will have a copy of the notice of receipt of the letter of authority.
After a few days, call the Department of education and find out who will deal with your problem and a contact telephone number of official (usually telephone his office). According to the law on consideration of the application is given a maximum of 1 month. The decision must be issued in writing.
If the city's Department of education was not able to resolve your problem associated with the school Director should contact the regional Department. The entire procedure of filing the application described above have to be repeated again.
If you are not satisfied with the decision of the official or the head of the Department of education, you can complain to the school Director in the Ministry of education. In this case, the complaint is sent in electronic form by e-mail, specified on the website of the court. Before complaining to the Ministry, consult with experienced lawyers who will help to competently draw up the document.

Advice 4: What if the headmaster is the real tyrant

For a teacher the head teacher is the top career. Receiving the coveted power, many Directors literally "go crazy" and start to terrorize the children, teachers and parents for their unreasonable cavils. Only by working together can we move things off dead center and to force officials to listen to the complaints of victims from the Director-the tyrant of the people.


Parents and the PTA can provide to the Director a big impact. The school provides children with education services, and consumers of these services are just parents. Parents have the right and should check the assignment handed "repair" of money, the level of organization of the educational process, the degree of security in the school children.

If parents are not satisfied with something, they have every right to complain to the city (district) education Department. Officials are obliged to accept the complaint to consideration and addressed. If there is no reaction, continue to complain. Collect signatures in your class in school, connect classroom teacher.

Even if a teacher is afraid to speak out against the Director-the tyrant, he will surely be able to give you good advice. Don't give up, and the result will not keep itself waiting long: in the end, officials will understand that it is profitable to get rid of the careless Director than years to tolerate the influx of parent complaints.

File a complaint through the Internet. On the website of the Ministry of education there is a special form that you can submit a complaint to the high court directly, bypassing local officials. Also you can file a complaint directly on the website of the President, by sending a message through the contact system of the Kremlin. All these appeals are considered mandatory.


You should not blame teachers that they do not conduct active hostilities against the headmaster. Teachers are mostly women with families and fear of dismissal. Teacher education is driving them into the narrow confines of choice of employment, and out of this framework, they have nowhere: not in the sellers to go after five years of the Institute.

However, there are Director-tyrants, and timid teachers put out. They fired left and right, nagging, forced to work overtime, take a watch. The tyrants do not tolerate dissent and rid of those who complicates their lives. To defeat this Director alone.

There are two options: either to leave the school (not yet fired), or find like-minded people and conduct clandestine activities. "Throwing a rod" in the teachers ' room to search for a disgruntled Director should be very careful not to arouse suspicion. In recent history there were cases when teachers combine their efforts with parents, I managed to lose the post of Director-tyrant.
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