Fight Director-"petty tyrant" alone difficult, so better to enlist the support of your fellow teachers. Claims should not be unfounded, will "fight" with disgruntled statements, especially with the help of anonymous letters. Emotions and temper in this case will not help. If you see that a Director violates the law, for example, uses revenues to the school for their own benefit, try to collect as much evidence of that breach. So, for example, extrabudgetary funding in the form of parental voluntary contributions should not be monitored by the Director and the whole-school parent Committee. And only at the meeting of the Committee to decide where the first will be the money spent. If not, then you have the right to file a complaint, collecting signatures of parents in the education Department, what would be the reason for checking in the school. The result of this check can be "opened" and other violations from the Director.
Parent, and the more the PTA has a big influence on the Director. If the parents are not happy with the way lessons are organised in the school and how to ensure the safety of children during training, and the Director shall not take action - this is the basis for treatment with a complaint of "negligent" activity. It will be checked and, possibly, dismissal of the Director for dereliction of duties.
Currently the most effective method to combat any unscrupulous Director is the website of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Russian President's website (President.of the Russian Federation). When filing a complaint through the form for these sites, you must state your surname, first name, email address, telephone number, social position, country. All complaints to the government necessarily reviewed and action is taken fairly quickly.