Please visit the official website of the Departmentand of education of the city of Moscow. About the middle of the page you will find a horizontal menu, decorated in four sections, the second one on the left is called "contacting the Department". Click on the arrow to "Enter", located under this line.
Learn the rules of writing addresses in the resulting page. If you agree that your appeal will be published in open access for all visitors to the website, fill in the fields regarding your name, patronymic and surname, e-mail addresses. Write your complaint and click "Send".
Use the service "Electronic reception", if you do not want your complaint to be available to all site visitors. On the same page, find the link of the same name, it is located at the end of the text above the fields to be filled in and highlighted in dark blue. Click on the link. Please note that complaints or suggestions using the service "Electronic reception", it is necessary to specify surname, name, patronymic and e-mail and home address, and telephone number. To your message you can attach audio and video files, photos, the size of each file should not exceed 4 MB. In addition, you can choose the method of delivery of the answer – to e-mail or at the place of residence. After filling in all the fields of the form, click "Send".
In case you need to send a complaint to the management of the Departmentand the specific district of Moscow, find the contact details of the relevant Department. On the home page , the Departmentand education click on "District offices", it is located under the coat of arms of Moscow, just right. Click on it. Select in the list the desired district, click here. You will see information about the head of Department, phone, address and email where you can submit your appeal.