If you are a user of the network "MegaFon", then you can avail of several services. For example, some tariffs (such as "Ring-Ding" and "Smeshariki") subscribers-parents can determine the whereabouts of their children. These two specified rate - not all, there's a whole list. To find it (and more information about the service) on the official website of the operator.
Another type of search can benefit from all subscribers without exception. For this you need to enter in a search string address to follow the link and fill out the request form. After it is sent, the operator will send you the coordinates of the location of the person and map of where they will be marked (its view as possible on the computer and on the phone). In addition to the website, there is also a short 0888 and USSD-dial *148* subscriber's number# (specify number, starting with +7 instead of 8). The operator will charge your account 5 rubles (for sending each request).
Telecom operator MTS also offers its subscribers a service that allows you to search for other subscribers, it is called "Locator". In order to send a request to the operator, you need to type SMS-message with the number of the wanted subscriber and its name, and then send this message on number 6677. In a few minutes after processing the request the person you are looking for, you'll get a notification. Him he will either reject or confirm. If he confirms it, then your number will be sent to the coordinates of the location. The cost of using the service is about 10 rubles (the exact amount will be determined by the parameters of your plan).
In the "Beeline", you must first activate the service and only then use it. To activate, use free room 06849924, and to query the number 684. The last number is for SMS messages (text should contain the letter L). The cost of this service is 2 rubles 05 kopecks.