How to know where is the subscriber of MTS

A special service called "Locator" allows to know the location of subscribers of MTS, Beeline or MegaFon. To connect the service, send a message with name and phone number right person to number 6677. If the subscriber gives consent to determination of its location in your room will receive a message with its approximate coordinates. Cost of one request is 1 ruble.

In addition, MTS provides the service "Child monitor" that allows parents to track their children. To enable it, send a message with the word "MOM" or "DAD" to the number 7788. You will receive an automatic message with a unique code for your family. Next you need to activate the service on your child's phone. Send him a message with the word "CHILD" name and number to the number 7788. To find out where the child is, send a message with the words "WHERE are the CHILDREN" in the same room. The cost of the service will be 100 rubles per month.

How to know the location of the subscriber Megaphone

Operator MegaFon offers subscribers three types of services "Radar", allowing to know where the user is located, phone number. The first of them, "Radar light", free of charge, however, only one request for location per day. To activate the service, dial from your phone dialing *566*56#. You will then be asked to enter the number to search for.

Radar Standard" allows you to send a search request of the subscriber an unlimited number of times, but the cost will amount to 3 rubles per day. To connect dial *566#. Finally, the service "Radar+" in addition to unlimited attempts location provides detailed information on the clickstream of the subscriber. Connects it with the command *256# and the cost is 7 rubles per day. Please note that in all cases requires the consent of the caller to determine their location.

You can determine the location of the child, if his phone connected to the tariff "Smeshariki", "the Diary.<url>", or "Ring-Ding". Run from the child's phone-request *141*( the phone number of one of the parents)#. Now you can dial from your phone *141# command below to immediately receive a message with the current coordinates of the younger family member.

How to know where is the subscriber of Beeline

You can find out the location of the subscriber number by activating the service "Beeline-Coordinates". For this, you can send a blank email to 4770 or call the number 0665. Next you will be prompted to send a message with the subscriber's name and phone number 4770. The first 7 days is free, then it costs $ 1.7 $ a day.

Please note that you can create personal lists with 5 main rooms of subscribers which you perform most frequently. It is sufficient to obtain the approval of the subscriber's request to locate once to continue to search without his consent.