Control service is possible in several ways:
- through the WEB-site Go to the Search section, enter the phone number of the subscriber you want to find and press the "Find"button.

-via the mobile website To do this, go to My list subscribers" click the "Find" button, and then select from a list of subscriber that you want to learn.

through the application "MegaFon – Yandex.Map. To do this, first download the app from the website in the application menu, go to "Find other", select the recipient and click "Show on map".

-via USSD-menu. To do this dial *140# and press the call button or send a blank message to the number 1400. Then add the desired subscriber to your search list by sending a message with the subscriber's number (+7**********) at number 1400. After that, the person you wish to add to your search list, you will receive a message from the "Navigator". If the subscriber gives his consent to the definition you its location, it must send to room 1400 the following message: YES 7**********(the number of your mobile phone). If the subscriber does not respond to a message, it means that in your search list it will not be added, and accordingly, you will not be able to determine its location.
To disable the service "Navigator" send a message: off to number 1400.
To request the location of the desired subscriber you can also by sending to room 1400 of the message WHERE 7********** or with the command *140*7**********# and press the call button.
The number of subscribers that can be in the search list is not limited.
The activation/deactivation of the Navigator service is not charged.
The monthly fee for the service is charged in each region are different, more detailed information on this matter can be obtained by calling the toll free phone number 0500.