Decide whether you want to continue studying on their chosen school of specialty or to change it. In the first case, you can count on an abbreviated training program. It is not necessary that the specialty coincided completely. For example, if you went to school to be an accountant, you will be able to continue accelerated learning at the faculty of Economics or faculty of management.
Find out which universities in your town offer special accelerated training for graduates of schools. If you manage to do, your training period will be 2.5-3.5 years depending on the specialty. If your desired University does not have special groups for graduates of colleges, you can enter just the first course. However, in this case, you can obtain some advantage - to read subjects that you have studied in school, and not to pass them exams again.
When choosing a University, focus on reputation, a place in the national rankings, as well as on whether the training program your goals. For example, at the faculty of Economics of various universities can be hard enough to leave training programs and requirements for students.
Apply the selected University. School graduates do not pass the exam for admission, so the certificate of passing this exam you do not need. But to pass the entrance test you will have. It can be like giving three to four written exams and an interview, for example, if you go to private University with honors school. Also for graduates of colleges, there are some limitations - for example, they do not have rights on an equal basis with students to participate in University competitions, with the victory of the admission out of competition.