According to Russian law, any citizen has the right to receive the first free higher education. With one clarification - on a competitive basis. Almost all public universities have state-funded places. They are waiting for students. But first you will have to prove their serious intent, demonstrating to the start of training level of training.
For a number of reasons, to go to a technical College is easier than in the Humanities. The profession of journalist, actor, Director attracted a lot of attention. The competition is high. At the same time to become an engineer or programmer wants fewer people, and the demand for specialists tech industries hundreds of times more.
To go to a technical College for free, you need to pass three exams (mathematics, physics and Russian language) is better than the other applicants. To enroll in the regional University is traditionally easier than in the capital (after Moscow and St. Petersburg universities come from all over Russia).
Buy a collection of tasks for the exam you are interested in the items for the current year. You can find in major bookstores or order online. Usually in collections provides an analysis of the tasks. Progresa tasks from this collection, you will make a key step for entry.
Arrange a mock exam. At the end of the collection tasks are given tests to prepare. The maximum zoom in the conditions to "fighting" - put the timer in the solution to use only permitted funds. Check the answers after the test and find out your score.
On the websites of Federal universities includes information received over the past year, including the maximum score of the exam for state employees. Compare it with your "trial". If the score is insufficient, use the services of the tutor to work out the most complex subjects, the errors from the mock exam.