If you don't know where to go after College, then first decide what is more important: to continue to learn and can devote the time or education to work in the specialty that you have already received. Also, there is an option for those who want to combine both.
If the priority of the work, we first analyze what the profession is currently in demand in the labour market and what salary you will accept. You will then be much easier to look for job ads.
Often, it turns out that vocational secondary education is not enough to get a place with decent pay. Employers entrust important assignments to those who have the diploma of higher education, considering such people are more reliable. Accordingly, wages are higher.
Therefore, the first option, which is rarely use College graduates to enroll in the University for 1 year with a full training program. Many universities do not require exam results, people who graduated from College. This will suit you if you, after studying at kinovideocentr, suddenly realized that it's not yours, and now you want to become a designer or a journalist.
The second option is to go to University with 3 courses in the major you studied in College. Usually it is enough to have a diploma from College and pass the entrance test. Exams and tests in the matching disciplines of the College will be rescored. 3 enrolling in the course (you will be placed in one of the already existing groups), you will need to study for 1-2 years, and the diploma of higher education your.
Another way to get a higher post – College program for accelerated learning. You have to start with the 1st course and to study only 3 year in a group with people who have similar to your situation. Chosen specialty should logically coincide with the already mastered in College, otherwise you will not take on accelerated learning.
Universities provide the opportunity to combine work with study. If you are one of those who keeps to himself, then proceed full-time or part-time form of study.