If you decided to connect his life with a professional cooking, as a first step, the perfect culinary technical schools. The admission is conducted after the 9th class of secondary school and after upper secondary education. After 9th grade it makes sense to go to culinary school, if you want to obtain a diploma the cooks early and immediately start working. General education program 10-11 class you will teach, but to learn will be easier than in a regular school. The curricula of technical colleges for students enrolled after the 9th grade for 4 years, and after 11-th - 3. As a result of training in the culinary College you will receive a General secondary education and diploma chef or pastry chef of the third or fourth category.
After 11-th grade you can get and the higher culinary education. As a rule the institutions of the trade there are specialty "Technology of food productions", after which you will receive the diploma of the cook-technologist who not only knows how to cook, but also has knowledge on the organization of the process, calculation of ingredients, menu planning and routings. In addition, the Institute will teach you management of catering enterprises, the fundamentals of commodity research and examination of products. Duration of training in bachelor is 4 years.
Most culinary colleges and Universities run short courses for cooks, which allow for 2-3 months to get basic knowledge on technology of food production. This option is ideal for those who are already working as a cook or assistant chef with no special training, because it gives the opportunity to obtain a diploma the chef of the third category, and for those who just want to learn to cook better at home. Typically, courses include theoretical training on the technology of processing and cooking, costing products, nutrition and practical sessions under the guidance of a teacher.
Another way to become a chef - training abroad. In Europe and the United States there are many institutions of cooking, learning the subtleties of cooking business. It should be noted that the culinary education abroad, unlike our country, is quite expensive. For example, for a full course of study in a world-renowned school Le Cordon Bleu will have to pay about one million rubles. Naturally, this degree is higher than diploma culinary College.