The knowledge you received in College, definitely will come in handy in the future. Unlike yesterday's students, who ten years studied classical school program, but have not decided on your future profession, you already possess skills, have some experience. In addition, your advantage is time and freedom of choice.

Even if you realize what you've got education not quite in the area in which you want to develop professionally, you will have enough time to radically change the course of your career. Moreover, you can take a break and a year or two to work on the specialty that you have already received, and then, when you take a decision, to go to College or another College. Moreover, to obtain a second vocational education will be easier, as the study General education program the second time is not required.

If the chosen career would be you like, you can immediately begin work on a specialty, thus getting the advantage over graduates in employment history. Perhaps for career growth in the future and you will need a diploma of higher education, but it can be obtained in absentia, almost without interruption from work. However, the working seat should be chosen in such a way that there is the prospect of career growth in the future, because even the most highly paid specialty, and professional development opportunities – a path to nowhere.

In the case where to learn you liked it and you want to continue education for a more valuable diploma, the College also will provide you the service, as many colleges accept graduates with secondary special education on preferential terms. Even if you will not be able to enter directly into the second year, still studying in the first year will seem quite simple, because most of the items you already passed.

As a rule, people go to College to in a short time to learn a profession, which can provide an independent life and even help parents. In any case, after graduating from secondary special educational institutions is to try your hand at the real job: send a resume, call on ads that are often posted on Bulletin boards in colleges and technical schools, to study Newspapers and websites with vacancies. To start searching for a better job shortly before graduation to secure a small advantage over other graduates.