You will need
  • - the directory or the Internet to search for universities;
  • psychologist to conduct career guidance;
  • reviews and publications about universities.
Determine the direction that will be dominant in the choice of future profession. There are a number of universities willing to offer the graduate College the abbreviated educational programme within three years. This option is the best because you can continue education without loss of time, spent on College education.
Find state universities that allows you to continue College education. Perhaps these are close to the residence. In this case, it will be possible to avoid a big move and get an education close to home. This is a great advantage since you will have the opportunity to combine education with part time job, as do many College graduates.
Decide what form of higher education. Absentee or part-time, she evening, will allow to combine work with training. In this case, can maintain a stable income and not to lose the place at work. If received a College education does not meet the needs of the graduate, if you want to get another PhD, it is necessary to follow a different model of College choice.
Refer to the psychologist of the College. It so happens that a profession that was given a College education, not like a graduate. To decide where to study after College, to help career guidance that young people can take in advance of delivery of the final qualifying work. Often the results can really change a life and give the opportunity to go a new way. However, the recommendations of the psychologist is not always necessary to follow if you have your dreams or goals that you want to go.
Read the various statistical surveys, it will help to know what industry there is a shortage of specialists. This approach will help to obtain marketable skills and not remain unemployed. However, to learn to run on a specialty that requires knowledge and skills that have no abilities, don't, success will not. It is better to choose another profession - such a direction, in which most fully reveals the personal potential.
Find out what universities are in the chosen specialty. It is recommended to read the reviews about the agencies so you can get accurate information about the quality of education, qualification of teachers, the value and demand of specialists, released by a specific University. Monitoring of universities will help to cut educational institutions are not characterized by honesty.
Apply to that University where you can not re-take the exam, this is an option. Or try to pass exams in several universities that meet the necessary requirements.