You will need
  • - passport;
  • the results of the exam.
In order to try their hand at entering the financial Academy, you must obtain a certificate of secondary complete education and to have on hand the results of the unified state examination in those subjects which shall be at the desired faculty. If you graduated from school in those days, when the exam has not yet been introduced, in the Finance Academy you will take the exams on their own.
On the website of the admission Commission of the University has an advanced electronic register. Pass it in advance. This will speed up the procedure of acceptance of documents.
In July, the selection Committee is accepting documents. You need to come and write the application for admission, attach a certificate certificate with exam scores, the photos on the documents.
When you apply to University you have the opportunity to choose three areas of training that are most interesting to you and close. Choice in the Finance Academy is large enough. Here there are Economics, management, sociology, and political science, and law, as well as applied mathematics and computer science in various fields.
When the deadline for the submission of documents, the University will post a list of surnames of all applicants. Be sure your name is there, and wait for the lists of persons recommended for admission to the University.
When you are sure of your enrollment in the Academy, you need to give the admissions office your certificate (if you made a copy).
If the list of recommended you do not hit, it is likely to go in the second wave. Not all applicants from the list will bring in time, the originals of documents on education.