If you are going to return the man-Scorpion, please be patient. In any case do not yell at him. No need to blame him, even if he is really guilty. These actions you will force him to close in himself. It can hold on you a grudge, and later to take revenge. During the showdown, monitor every word. Do not try to insult and humiliate – this subsequently can have a negative impact on your future relationship. Scorpio will never forget the wrongs done to you, even under the influence of strong emotions.
To return the man-Scorpion, remember that he is a born leader. If his right to undisputed supremacy will start to infringe, then it'll just leave a woman like that. Analyze the cause of the quarrel and make appropriate conclusions, in order to never repeat the mistakes.
If a male Scorpio chose you, it means that he sees you as the ideal woman. It creates in the mind a perfect image, which you must comply. If you had a fight with Scorpion, and he hurt you, you do not need to immediately break off all contact with him. Try from time to time to remind myself. Keep in touch with him with circumstances of life: everyday problems, friends, studies, Hobbies etc., However here the main thing - do not overdo it.
Man-Scorpion is difficult to break the relationship, if he really doesn't want to. The reason for separation should be significant. If time does not resolve the situation, from a small conflict man-Scorpio can inflate the global fight. Scorpio is patient by nature, but it is not necessary to test his patience. It can end very badly for you. Man-Scorpion is extremely categorical. He may just hate you.
To return the man-Scorpion, try to provoke him. Impress him with your independence and indifference, but don't overdo it. Awaken in Scorpio the instinct of the hunter and conqueror.
Remain for him a mystery. The male Scorpion must strive all the time for you to solve. Be for him always a little inaccessible. A huge mistake in a relationship with Scorpio is to fully reveal his soul and swear eternal love. Such revelations would lead him to an early disappointment, and he will go in search of new puzzles and an impregnable fortress.
To return the man-Scorpion, do not show him aggression. If your Scorpio behaves openly rude towards you, don't answer him in the same vein, show restraint. Scandals and cries with Scorpio can be very bad for you to end. He can drive you to a nervous breakdown and even injury. Temperamental Scorpio sometimes can't control himself. Proceed very cautiously and thoughtfully.