The positive aspects of the relationship of Aries and Scorpio

Surrounding, watching the Aries and the Scorpio, I can firmly say that this is the perfect couple. They seem to guess the desires of each other. Yes, their relationship is a lot of passion, which often leads to scandals, but any disagreement ends with a rapid reconciliation in bed. A man loves his woman, he for no reason gives her jewelry, flowers and other gifts. A woman with a special gratitude refers to the courtship of the beloved, and does everything possible to man was fine with her.
If Aries woman Scorpio will prove your love and loyalty, men do not even have thoughts about cheating with any other woman.

Guy Scorpio loves to surpass others in all respects. He's got a bright nature, the nature of the warrior. So he prefers women beautiful, sexy. The last girl-Aries in excess. To keep the Scorpion beside him, the woman will not just look good, and to be the most attractive, seductive and charming.
The male Scorpio is willing to pay for treatments at the salons for his lover, if only she had maintained youth and beauty.

This Union can be attributed to the fact that when a wife supports her man in all endeavors. For example, Scorpion can be a politician, businessman, military man, the woman will help him climb the corporate ladder, to reach out to more promising areas of activity. A girl Aries will provide a reliable back-up favorite. And he adores her for it.

Fatal mistakes women

The girl-the RAM should only support your Scorpio. If it amuses to become the leader in their relationship, to avoid many scandals and controversies in the pair. In this case, the partners may differ, but they will be again and again to pull each other. And if a woman does not change his tactics, would insist on leadership positions in the family, the Union eventually disintegrate. The Scorpion is vital to feel the head. She should be smarter and manage the Scorpion, using the tenderness and love.

Male-Scorpio requires of your companion complete dedication. For him, the question of loyalty is fundamental in the field of love. If a girl Aries will not be periodically to stare at other men, Scorpio will also be only her man. But when the guy starts to doubt the infidelity of the spouse, not only will he make a scene of jealousy, but also can break the relationship. Therefore, a woman must live only for his beloved, and often does in this pair.