The man-Scorpio love sexy accents to women's clothing. Therefore, going to meet him, or where he will be present, wear a blouse with sexy neckline or open back. But do not overdo it, the Scorpion should be given the opportunity to dream about what is hidden under clothing.
Be mysterious
Will awaken in him a natural scout. If you like to chat a lot, talking to a male Scorpio, forget about your long and tiring stories. It draws also and lady clown with full Luggage humorous stories. Look at him languid and sexy, let him run shivers all over my body. When he invites you out, revive yourself in the behavior that he was captivated the first time your meeting: intrigue in her eyes and a cold mind. Less talk about yourself, and do not sanctify him in their plans for next Tuesday, just answer that busy.
Keep calm
If you manage to arouse his interest in himself, get ready for constant surveillance. The man-Scorpion you need to know all the information about you, and he will know her the most subtle ways. From what he can do depends on his future attitude: good or bad. In any case, always remain calm, cool and collected when he examines you in every way to show him that you are trustworthy.
Sex and relationships
I sincerely admit you find him attractive, add him confidence in his superiority over others. This man will not tolerate rivals. However it is easy to surrender into the hands of the man-Scorpion is not worth it. He loves to solve difficult problems. And once with him in the same bed, both of you know a good fit or not. Make your relationship passionate and unforgettable. If the first act was a failure, recognize the void in your relationship.