Advice 1: How to seduce a man-Scorpion

In every woman's life there comes a time when she has to get acquainted with an attractive man, and if he suddenly turns out to be a Scorpio zodiac sign, here is a simple means of seduction can not do. This style is so attracts women, ladies unwittingly become obsessed with the dream about him. Scorpio is one of the most complicated people.. But to get his attention, it takes a lot of effort.
How to seduce a man-Scorpion
The man-Scorpio love sexy accents to women's clothing. Therefore, going to meet him, or where he will be present, wear a blouse with sexy neckline or open back. But do not overdo it, the Scorpion should be given the opportunity to dream about what is hidden under clothing.
Be mysterious
Will awaken in him a natural scout. If you like to chat a lot, talking to a male Scorpio, forget about your long and tiring stories. It draws also and lady clown with full Luggage humorous stories. Look at him languid and sexy, let him run shivers all over my body. When he invites you out, revive yourself in the behavior that he was captivated the first time your meeting: intrigue in her eyes and a cold mind. Less talk about yourself, and do not sanctify him in their plans for next Tuesday, just answer that busy.
Keep calm
If you manage to arouse his interest in himself, get ready for constant surveillance. The man-Scorpion you need to know all the information about you, and he will know her the most subtle ways. From what he can do depends on his future attitude: good or bad. In any case, always remain calm, cool and collected when he examines you in every way to show him that you are trustworthy.
Sex and relationships
I sincerely admit you find him attractive, add him confidence in his superiority over others. This man will not tolerate rivals. However it is easy to surrender into the hands of the man-Scorpion is not worth it. He loves to solve difficult problems. And once with him in the same bed, both of you know a good fit or not. Make your relationship passionate and unforgettable. If the first act was a failure, recognize the void in your relationship.
And remember, the man the Scorpion it is important to see in you a devoted and faithful companion. Gain his trust to you.
Useful advice
Scorpios get along well with Cancers, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Aries.
Worth a try to build with Scorpio relationship Capricorns, Leos, Scorpios, Sagittarius.
Tensions can arise from Scorpios with Gemini and Aquarius.

Advice 2: How to seduce a man

To attract the attention of men, women have to take matters into their own hands. To do it nicely, and most importantly, to make believe man in the fact that the initiative proceeded from it, there are many ladies above.
How to seduce a man
You will need
  • - beautiful outfits
  • spirits.
Men first of all pay attention to appearance. So, if you want to appeal to and attract his attention, take care of the easy makeup and beautifully laid hair. Clothing is also important: too sexy image rather push me away, but accentuated the femininity will appeal to any representative of the stronger sex. If you have a plan to seduce the chosen one, will play an important role and flavor. Perfume should be light and attractive, but not Intrusive. Men like sweet scents like vanilla flavor. But it needs to be strong, and subtle.
No matter how you want to impress, for a date, always choose the image that will feel as comfortable as possible. If in ordinary life you prefer jeans and comfortable shoes, coming out in short skirt and high heels, not only will you feel constrained and uncomfortable, but you risk to appear not the girl that initially liked your guy. This is not to say that in a restaurant you should come in sneakers, just avoid strong contrasts.
A perfect appearance is not an absolute guarantee of success. Significant role here play your behavior and manner of communication. Men like sociable, interesting girl, able to hold a conversation. But it is not necessary to demonstrate your mind, otherwise izbrannik will think that you want to show that you are smarter than him, and it often repels.
Nonverbal communication also plays an important role. Using gestures you can tell a lot. For example, playing with his earring during a conversation or touching your neck, you show a young person that you care for him. Doubt not that your boy will catch these signals. And if you casually touch the hands of a man or his garments, then hint to him that is ready to move on to more intimate relationships. Please remember that all of your gestures should be natural, and acting comprehensively, you will surely succeed.
If you want to seduce a man, to seduce, to spend the night with him, the emphasis in the make-up should be done on the lips, not the eyes. Fit Burgundy or cherry color lipstick, lip gloss will make the lips moist. Bright, juicy lips is an unconscious sexual appeal.
Useful advice
To seduce a man, one external beauty is not enough. No matter how corny it sounds, but need the inner beauty, we need appeal, you need to learn how to attract the attention of men to themselves. To seduce a man simply, very simply, but to seduce him, to make him think about himself, to dream about yourself, to achieve yourself is much harder.

Advice 3: How to seduce a Leo man

If you marry menborn under the sign of Leo, you promised a beautiful family life. Leo will love and pamper you, to support in difficult times and to present them gifts. In your home everything is fine, from any little things to the most complex equipment. How to marry such a man? To lure him to their network is quite simple, because the man-Lion , there is a continuing need for love.
How to seduce a Leo man
Before the male Lion always needs to be in the audience. He really needs enthusiastic female fans. Become her for him – and you will be able to enjoy the same favor with this man.
You can easily seduce Lion-man, if you play correctly. Heed to his every word, cheer for him, flatter him, follow his advice, and respect and adore him. A good compliment can throw the Lion to your feet, there's a bit of peacock. He can't live without love, he needs to be worshiped, otherwise it will wither. Understand it literally.
Do not offer your help to the man of this sign. You can greatly hurt Leo, because he doesn't like to appear weak in someone's eyes. On the contrary, weep for him in a vest and ask them to support you - what would you have asked, lion will do it for you with pleasure.
Taking care of a woman, the Leo man rarely saves money. Do not resist this, but know that the affair with the Lion will never run smoothly, without trouble. It will tell you what to wear, what hairstyle to do, what books should be read, etc., Remember that in his mind you must belong to him body and soul.
Men born under this sign are very jealous. Don't forget the power of the impulsive character of the Lion. Do not try to thrill his accidental flirt with the man. He knows that you want more. The proof of this he does not need. Think about what the angry lion can bulldoze your friend that you was trying to flirt.
Learn to tolerate the fact that your male lion openly admires other women. His courtship is usually innocent. Treat them right and do not be jealous.
Be prepared to always balance the enthusiasm of a Lion with her quiet mind. Learn how to calm him. Your main weapon should be a tenderness and affection - but they can affect your violent man.
Forget about your own career, choosing the man-Lion. From now on, your career – this is it! And your work in comparison with his case – nothing. Leo does not tolerate any competition.
Aspire to be the Queen in any society. It is unlikely that you will win the man-Lion, if you will not be able to achieve this.

Advice 4: How to understand the man-Scorpion

If you manage to fall in love with a man-Scorpion, do not expect that you can easily understand. This is perhaps the most mysterious and secretive sign of the Zodiac. Scorpio can easily charm a woman. In this extraordinary combination of charisma, mystery and masculinity. I have to work hard before to gain this mysterious and incredibly sexy, the man-Scorpion.
How to understand the man-Scorpion

How to enchant a man-Scorpion

Do not expect that he will take the initiative. If he likes you, he is a male Scorpio will not immediately seek to win. At first he'll think about it though, it would seem, what here to think. Scorpions differ that much and think aimlessly. It may in your thoughts to stay with you until the end of days, to make you an offer to move to a new house, to get offspring, but in real life don't even assign you a date. Why? After all the life you already lived in his head.

How then is it possible to fall in love with the man-Scorpion? The answer is simple: show interest in him, but not imposed.

The male Scorpio can be demanding and easily offended, do not need to leave his requests ignored. Become indispensable to him. Pay attention to all his requests and in any case do not try to train your sense of humor. If you accidentally offend or hurt him, we can, without knowing it, to make enemies. He never served, that hurt, but it can lay low and in the case of the beautiful you revenge. And instead of a lover you'll only make an enemy.

If a man-Scorpio makes you step forward and openly declares his sympathy, then you need to seize the moment: you he really likes me very much. Do not go long circles, faster let's answer the second time around may not be.

How to understand Scorpio: the labyrinths of the mind

Scorpions are very different from each other. To understand them is very difficult, however almost all representatives of this sign have similar traits.

A male Scorpio likes to be Frank and does not tolerate falsehood. If he openly talks to you, and you need to respond in the same way. This man has very developed intuition. To deceive him is very difficult.

Do not torture him with questions. If he doesn't want, and no one knows what's on his mind, and uncomfortable issues can cause men the Scorpion just irritation.

You will immediately understand that he doesn't like. When communicating he will literally amaze you with his coldness and aloofness.

Male-Scorpio aren't buying the flattery. He just doesn't need someone else's estimates. For the opinions of others, and especially to the criticism he is extremely skeptical. Your compliments can leave him indifferent, moreover, he can suspect you of lying and inward.

Sometimes the man feels insecure. It is necessary to push for decisive action. However, excessive pressure can also to scare him off. Here the most important thing is to feel what you actually like.

Man-Scorpion is similar to an impregnable fortress. To melt his heart you need to exercise patience. It may take years before he will start to trust you, and even then not completely. His mind must always remain untouched area, where it is securely stored deepest desires.

Magnetism men-Scorpio fascinates and attracts the attention of women. Having experienced his gaze, it is impossible to remain indifferent. Most of the Scorpions you need to carefully study the woman before you start with it a serious relationship or tie the knot.

It's safe to say one thing: communicating with a male Scorpio will not be easy. You have to make an effort to come closer to him and be his really close friend.

The male Scorpio in love

To say that he is jealous is to say nothing. He is able to scare an untrained woman by his jealousy. Male-Scorpio suspicious, but remember, if you are jealous it means he really really likes. His jealousy is a manifestation of feelings.

At times he can be cruel and cold, flashes of his jealousy can sometimes drive you crazy, but living together with a male Scorpio will bring more joy and confidence in the future than resentment and frustration. The important thing is to understand it and to treat its loyal weaknesses.

Advice 5: How to return the man-Scorpion

In fact, the return of the man-Scorpion is much easier than it might seem at first glance. The nature of Scorpio is not easy, but if you know his weakness, then it's easy again to get it back. Of course, if you did something terrible to him.
How to return the man-Scorpion
If you are going to return the man-Scorpion, please be patient. In any case do not yell at him. No need to blame him, even if he is really guilty. These actions you will force him to close in himself. It can hold on you a grudge, and later to take revenge. During the showdown, monitor every word. Do not try to insult and humiliate – this subsequently can have a negative impact on your future relationship. Scorpio will never forget the wrongs done to you, even under the influence of strong emotions.
To return the man-Scorpion, remember that he is a born leader. If his right to undisputed supremacy will start to infringe, then it'll just leave a woman like that. Analyze the cause of the quarrel and make appropriate conclusions, in order to never repeat the mistakes.
If a male Scorpio chose you, it means that he sees you as the ideal woman. It creates in the mind a perfect image, which you must comply. If you had a fight with Scorpion, and he hurt you, you do not need to immediately break off all contact with him. Try from time to time to remind myself. Keep in touch with him with circumstances of life: everyday problems, friends, studies, Hobbies etc., However here the main thing - do not overdo it.
Man-Scorpion is difficult to break the relationship, if he really doesn't want to. The reason for separation should be significant. If time does not resolve the situation, from a small conflict man-Scorpio can inflate the global fight. Scorpio is patient by nature, but it is not necessary to test his patience. It can end very badly for you. Man-Scorpion is extremely categorical. He may just hate you.
To return the man-Scorpion, try to provoke him. Impress him with your independence and indifference, but don't overdo it. Awaken in Scorpio the instinct of the hunter and conqueror.
Remain for him a mystery. The male Scorpion must strive all the time for you to solve. Be for him always a little inaccessible. A huge mistake in a relationship with Scorpio is to fully reveal his soul and swear eternal love. Such revelations would lead him to an early disappointment, and he will go in search of new puzzles and an impregnable fortress.
To return the man-Scorpion, do not show him aggression. If your Scorpio behaves openly rude towards you, don't answer him in the same vein, show restraint. Scandals and cries with Scorpio can be very bad for you to end. He can drive you to a nervous breakdown and even injury. Temperamental Scorpio sometimes can't control himself. Proceed very cautiously and thoughtfully.
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