How to achieve girls Scorpio:

- tell her compliments (Scorpions susceptible to flattery);

- giving expensive and exotic gifts;

- by inviting her on a date, bring a bottle of expensive aged wine or a luxury bouquet of flowers;

- be interesting to talk to and show interest in everything what the girl says Scorpio;

- be romantic and sexy.
Mistakes that can ruin your relationship with the girl of Scorpio:

- call girl Scorpio jealousy. For example, to render attention signs with her for another girl.

This Scorpio will not tolerate ever since Scorpios are the jealous owners. Jealousy leads them into a rage and pushes to unpredictable actions.

- to argue with her and to criticize her;

- be greedy and stingy;

- to be shy, to grovel, to show weakness (girls Scorpios love strong and confident men).
To be with a Scorpio girl, you need to accept it for what it is:

- passionate and emotional;

sensitive and vulnerable;

- all prone to extremes;

hot - tempered, unpredictable and contradictory.
Under any circumstances don't make it the enemy. Female-Scorpio is vindictive and does not forgive insults.
Married with the girl of Scorpio can be either heaven or hell. Average is not given. If girl Scorpio really loves you, she will be loyal and devoted to you forever. She is willing to go to great sacrifices, to whom she is really attached, and to fight for him.
Scorpio woman becomes a punishment for those who do not found a way to approach her. But she is also a prize that goes only to the winner!