Sign compatibility

Scorpio just at first sight falls in love with a Cancer. If the second is not currently free, the Scorpion is ready to wait for years for her beloved. Cancer affects it its immediacy. The Scorpion even discouraged by the behavior of the beloved, but it is even more fascinating. Once the Cancer becomes free from the former relationship, Scorpio begins to win his heart. It will not tolerate the loss would seek a marriage in all ways.

Both signs look for stability and peace in the family. Even with quite complex characters, they manage to find a compromise and to dampen the controversy in the Bud. Scorpio is renowned for his jealousy, but for the sake of the partner is willing to curb its own character. Marriage is often based on patience Cancer, he understands how to calm the temper of the partner. Cancer can create at home an atmosphere of warmth and comfort he loves a Scorpio.

Both signs are true to their goals, which often they are of a family nature. They firmly know that our joint efforts will overcome all obstacles. Therefore, always support each other no matter what. This pair really achieves great results. Others consider their ideal partners.

Female Scorpio and male Cancer

Relationships are kept on the patience of his wife. Often prone to depressive States the husband does not cause her negative emotions. The woman is trying to understand spouse and to help him out. She always knows how to cheer up a loved one, as it is very thin it feels. A woman may even replace Cancer mother, and the man will feel her care and concern.
Scorpios like to keep their husbands in "hothouse" conditions.

Male Scorpio and female Cancer

A man to strive to provide for my family. He can work day and night, if you know that it will bring large income. So he needs a reliable, patient wife. But he appreciates not only delicious dinners and ironed shirts. To keep the Scorpion beside him, the woman need to constantly impress his imagination. This zodiac sign is very sexual and looking for exactly this kind of wife. Therefore, the female Cancer will have to become skilled sexually. For example, to increase the allure will help the stone agate, which set off the look and make it more deep and languid.
To seduce the husband of the woman will help: beautiful lingerie and a variety of aphrodisiacs.

A male Scorpio likes it when his wife is jealous. He said such emotional scenes proof of love. Don't be surprised if a man will deliberately provoke you to jealousy. He better play along, realizing that the way you strengthen your relationship.