The male Scorpio is endowed with an unusually strong desire for independence. He is inclined to take into account only their opinions and judgments and ignoring those of other people. It is almost impossible to suppress the will of a Scorpion if he asked any purpose.
The man-Scorpion is distinguished by the acumen and high level of intellectual development. To others he is very demanding, that's why it may seem too cruel. He is not accustomed to embellish the reality, always speaks his opinion.
Emotional responses to the surrounding Scorpio conceals under the mask of equanimity. In fact, within him the raging passions that affects decision-making not less logical speculation.
The male Scorpio not lowers his head even in the most difficult situations, becoming embittered even more. He begins to seek solutions to the problem more intense, which often brings him the victory.
The man under this sign are very successful in life. To whatever he focused, all he is, all obstacles crumble under its pressure. Scorpio is not accustomed to be discouraged.
To withstand long-term interaction with a man-Scorpion is quite hard if you don't match him in the power of the spirit. In Scorpio can learn resilience and bravery. But the closest people know about the weaknesses of a man-Scorpion.
He is in need of praise, participation and empathy. Although never manifest this desire in front of others.
Man-Scorpion is committed to life in the comfort, material prosperity. In combination with the other features of his nature, these aspirations can become a cause of addictions.
If your friend or partner born under the sign of Scorpio, don't try to influence him. Change his nature impossible, it will leave these attempts without attention and still get your way. You need to learn to accept him like this.
In everyday communication the man-Scorpion is pleasant, attentive and friendly. But as of the close person it is not so perfect. If he feels hurt, he will turn into a ruthless avenger.
One of the bad inclinations of a man-Scorpion – play on the feelings of others, which he can do very well. His keen mind sees human weaknesses at a glance. So offended Scorpio is very cruel.
A family man-Scorpio unconditionally main. His authority is recognized by all family members.