Learn grammar. There are people who understand all the rules intuitively. They do not need to remember the entire school year grammar the right way to write a compound word. So don't be surprised if your classmate or colleague never bother to search for a word in the dictionary or cramming need rules. If you have the ability, no, just learn the rules. School course enough to avoid the wrong words. So you will help ordinary textbooks in 5-10 class. To remember the forgotten rules and pass tests on knowledge of certain orfogramm you can on the website
Do not rely on the built-in text editors. It would seem that what we today know the rules of the Russian language, if you have word and other useful programs? First, they may not identify all errors: some words in context can be written in different ways. Secondly, you can easily get into a situation when to use spelling will be impossible. Illiterate texts spoil the impression and greatly lower his reputation in the circles of educated people. So learn yourself to find your mistakes and more importantly – to prevent them.
Do not allow yourself to neglect the correct spelling of the words. Yes, you are communicating online with each other. Yeah, nobody else will see your message. But getting used from time to time to write are illiterate, you form the habit of doing it always. You don't need a perfect speech in everyday life, but try to avoid the most blunders.
Watch out for his speech. Find dictionary with pronunciation of words. Remember the stress in words that you often encounter in everyday life. For example, in any form of the word "call" (call, calls...) the emphasis is on the last syllable. As in the words "bows", "cakes" (the stress falls on "you").
Read more. Good books allow you to not only grow as person and to learn something new, but to train your literacy. You meet well-read, but an illiterate person? Constantly having the correct spelling of words, you will be less likely to make mistakes when writing.