You will need
  • Manuals, literature, and practice.
Read books, both traditional paper and electronic. As a rule, it is best to communicate inRussian with those people who are in my life read a lot different literature, ranging from classical masterpieces, encyclopedias and ending with contemporary fiction. In addition, reading improving writing literacy, which is important. Currently, widespread audio books, listening to which can significantly add to your vocabulary and learn many new and interesting things about the features of Russian speech.
Regularly stay in touch with lots of people. Meet with them, talk on the phone, communicate via the Internet. This will allow you a practical way to hone language skills. Try not to use in his speech word-parasites, formulaic expressions, slang and profanities. It is better to replace the whole speech "garbage" literary speech. Learn how to build sentences so you could understand the source. Talking about something, try to replace repeated words with synonyms.
Find one or more mentors whose conversation makes you a positive impression. Persuade them to share valuable secrets with which they have managed to master the Russian language. Practice with them in conversations and discussions on various topics, as well as in the other verbal battles.
Start to create. Writing poetry, stories, illustrations, slogans perfectly develops thinking and communication skills. From time to time return to the unfinished and finished works, "grind" them and bring to perfection.
Before you speak, mentally think through the whole phrase. Gradually, this process will take less and less time. Weigh every word. Your task - to learn effectively, competently and distinctive to Express their own thoughts depending on the specific listener. In other words, you need some flexibility, an individual approach to the source.
Don't be afraid of mistakes, still they are impossible to hedge. It is better to act and be wrong than do nothing. Monitor your speech-blunders through the recordings on the recorder and try to avoid them afterwards.