Watch your language what and how you say it. The child absorbs, remembers, copies it parents. Two years in the minds of the little man laid the grammatical construction is a frame construction for proper and correct speech. And if with each other you say illiterate in the language, using colloquial speech, then it is likely that your child will speak as well.
In the first years of life a child learns the Russian language in communication. Talk to your baby, show new items and call them, but call it correctly, not distorted, not repeating after the pronunciation, even if his words seem ridiculous to you and touches you. Feeding the baby the car, say "car" and not "BBC" or something. If your child is happy to bring you a doll and says: "Kate", - nod your head, but say the word "doll". So the child will remember the name and correct pronunciation.
Teach Russian language in the game. In the form of games increase your vocabulary kid. Introduce new objects and words. Great if baby will repeat after you the word a few times, if not, repeat new words yourself and always recall them later. Do not press on the child, be patient.
Read the child books. The lyrics are samples of proper and correct speech, so the choice of books approach very carefully.
Buy educational games: word bingo, letter blocks, magnetic, or sound alphabet, an educational computer game. Bright, colorful favorite characters toddler in a very accessible and entertaining way to teach him to read.
Don't focus on the failures, it is better to praise when the baby turned out to correctly pronounce the word, build it out of blocks.
Follow the correct use cases. This will make it easier in the future, remembering the most important spelling rules of the Russian language. To do this, in a conversation with a toddler try to use in speech as much as possible forms of a word. For example: "this weekend we're going to grandpa's! Grandpa missed you. You and grandpa going to play checkers". This will then teach in school.
Refer to speech therapist as early as possible if your baby has problems with speech. Correct speech problems before school entry. Russian writing is based on phonemic principle. A child with speech problems writes illiterate, many mistakes. And useless and cruel and then blame the child for poor grades in Russian language.
In elementary school, pay special attention to how the child writes. When copying text or email dictation ask him to speak, advisable to "sing through" the words to myself. This method helps to see the errors, control the process of writing. Do not write for your child works, let him write them himself. As luck would have it.
Ensure that the child has done homework, were taught the rules. Spelling rules in elementary school only 9, so learning them will be easy. When checking written homework, ask to recall the rule, if the child made mistakes.