You can use the following tools to prepare for the exam on the Russian language: use paper manuals, multimedia CD that contains a lot of information, walk to class preparatory courses for University, hire a tutor for private lessons in preparation for the exam.
For independent preparation for the exam:
Be tenacious, ambitious, and tune for a maximum test score. Because against your will you no one will ever be able to teach you. Honestly answer yourself the question: what do you know that medium, and I don't know at all. Purchase textbooks, special books for preparation for the unified state exam in Russian language.Make trial of the task, that is, examine yourself. But in preparation for the exam on the Russian language , remember that it is not the number of the performed training tasks, and their quality. Answer questions 2-3 trial of the exam, check the keys for errors, where they exist, take the rule, and teach, and so far no errors.All rules not only repeat, but also organize. In applying the rule to understand it to avoid mistakes according to the rule, you need to perform similar examples several times.
The key to success when performing in the exam on the Russian language is the criteria that guide scoring experts. Here these criteria:
- Formulation of the problems of the source text;
- Review the wording problems of the source text;
- The position of the author of the source text;
- Your own opinion on the problem of the examinee;
Linguistic relatedness, semantic integrity, the sequence of presentation;
- The expressiveness and precision of speech;
- Compliance with spelling, punctuation, language, ethics.Compliance with all these rules and regulations, persistent and systematic training will enable you to successfully pass the exam on the Russian language.