Advice 1: How to prepare for the exam on the Russian language

You probably want the results of the exam to enter the UNIVERSITY in the budget Department. Fiscal competition in the most prestigious University starts more than 75 test points. Sometimes, no special training is almost impossible to achieve such results on the exam in Russian language.
How to prepare for the exam on the Russian language
You can use the following tools to prepare for the exam on the Russian language: use paper manuals, multimedia CD that contains a lot of information, walk to class preparatory courses for University, hire a tutor for private lessons in preparation for the exam.
For independent preparation for the exam:
Be tenacious, ambitious, and tune for a maximum test score. Because against your will you no one will ever be able to teach you. Honestly answer yourself the question: what do you know that medium, and I don't know at all. Purchase textbooks, special books for preparation for the unified state exam in Russian language.Make trial of the task, that is, examine yourself. But in preparation for the exam on the Russian language , remember that it is not the number of the performed training tasks, and their quality. Answer questions 2-3 trial of the exam, check the keys for errors, where they exist, take the rule, and teach, and so far no errors.All rules not only repeat, but also organize. In applying the rule to understand it to avoid mistakes according to the rule, you need to perform similar examples several times.
The key to success when performing in the exam on the Russian language is the criteria that guide scoring experts. Here these criteria:
- Formulation of the problems of the source text;
- Review the wording problems of the source text;
- The position of the author of the source text;
- Your own opinion on the problem of the examinee;
Linguistic relatedness, semantic integrity, the sequence of presentation;
- The expressiveness and precision of speech;
- Compliance with spelling, punctuation, language, ethics.Compliance with all these rules and regulations, persistent and systematic training will enable you to successfully pass the exam on the Russian language.

Advice 2 : When you need to start preparing for the exam

Preparing for the exam, of course, will affect the results. That is why this process is necessary to properly organize regarding repetition of the material and timing of study.
preparing for the exam
The preparatory stages disagree about what time we should start an in-depth study of subjects. Teachers strive to give a extensive knowledge of, since fifth grade. However, students frantically begin to repeat the material for six months prior to testing.

When to start preparing for the exam

The best preparation for the exam should start immediately after the transition to tenth grade. Fifth graders will not be able to hold all the knowledge within five years and to apply them on exams. And the preparation for six months is likely to harm the health, because the nervous and mental strain no one has yet benefited.

Many sophomores are already able to choose my future profession, and, therefore, unable to consciously direct its energies to the study of those disciplines that will be useful for admission to main school.

Ways to prepare for the exam

There are several approaches to the study of objects in anticipation of the exam.

First need to note school electives. They are additional hours outside of school time. Usually within an hour or two understand the jobs that may come up in the exam. As for the cost, they are held on a free basis. The only drawback is the lack of an individual approach, because classes are held collectively, and the teacher is not able individually to analyze the strange moments.

Teachers and members of the selection Committee recommend that Universities be required to attend a preparatory course at the Institute. Thus, the student will gain knowledge beyond the curriculum and get a chance to earn a high score for admission. Their duration is from 4 to 8 months with 1-2 times a week for four academic hours. The price for this training varies from five to eighteen thousand rubles, depending on the duration of the training.

In cases when a student is not able to understand the complex topic in collective activities, it is recommended to contact the tutor. It is necessary to take into account the relatively high price, which is set to private teachers for individual approach. The cost depends on the length of the teaching activities. To save money, you can try to look for an intelligent graduate student who has excellent academic achievements.

With regards to self-training, we can say that it is necessary, but not every student will be able to plan lessons, their frequency and a list of study topics.
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