You will need
  • — TV
  • radio.
Watching television programmes in Russian. This method works well if you rarely communicate with native speakers directly. However, try to choose not only entertainment. In the intellectual programs much richer vocabulary that will help to increase the number of familiar Russian words. See also political programs — will know what is happening in Russia, and this is one of the possible topics of discussion.
Listen to Russian radio. Try to include it as often as possible — at home and in the car. The announcers on the radio have good diction and pronunciation, so listen to their manner of speaking carefully. Repeat aloud words and sentences, sing along songs. Analyze it, repeat a phrase several times to achieve the desired pronunciation.
Sign up for Russian language courses. In many Russian cities, language schools offer this service. Specialists from different countries come to work in Russia, so these courses are not only a way to learn to speak Russian, but also the opportunity to meet like-minded people and new friends. In addition, group classes, good motivation and support.
Organize your study of the Russian language. It is not necessary to touch everything, make a schedule and stick to it. For example, one of these days you listen to the radio in the other, watching a Russian TV show. In day courses, complete homework, which asked teachers. Better to learn to speak without an accent gradually — don't rush yourself, this knowledge will better be absorbed, and the result will not keep itself waiting.
Communicate with native speakers. This is the best way to learn to speak without an accent. Ask someone from Russian friends to help you. Let each corrects your speech, points out the defects. Don't be afraid to look ridiculous in the eyes of others, because your goal is to get rid of an accent, so try to achieve it by all means. The company does not otmazyvaytes, share your opinion, say as much as possible. Russian language is rich, to study words and momentum can be a lifetime, but correct emphasis can be literally a year, if you make the effort.