You will need
  • dictionaries,
  • - tutorials on Russian language
  • - reference literature.
Use reference books. Good to have in your home library different dictionaries: spelling, pronouncing, explanatory, idiomatic. Then you will be able to obtain reliable information on the correct spelling, pronunciation of words and its origin and compatibility with other words. If you don't want to spend the budget on books, we can use e-books, but only on sites that are actually linked to philological Sciences.
Do the exercises from textbooks. So you can test yourself on the answers that are usually given at the end of the textbook. You can also use the interactive dictations, which you can find on specialized websites on the Internet.
Read more of classic literature. Reading develops the intellect and visual memory, so in the future it is possible to "learn" a difficult word and write it correctly.
Listen to samples of good oratory. Competent person not only writes but speaks correctly. In the modern media has fallen considerably speech, so it is not necessary to learn modern radio or television. On the Internet there are sites where you can listen to recorded voices of the great speakers of the past, like Levitan.