In fact, to raise the level of proficiency in their native language, but this process is not a few days or even a couple of months. First of all, make sure that the dictionary of the Russian language and grammar reference, your reference books. Do not be lazy once again to turn to the dictionary if you are unsure of the meaning of a word or its spelling. If you hear a new word, take a few minutes to find out its value and origin. This way you will be able to significantly expand their active vocabulary. By the way, these days it is not necessary to buy a thick paper dictionary Ozhegova Dahl or. Electronic versions of almost all the dictionaries of the Russian language is freely available on the Internet.
The second important point is read. Unfortunately, every year we read fewer books. We are accustomed to getting information from television broadcasts, news sites online or on the radio. We often spend our free time behind a computer screen, not your favorite book. However, this reading helps us to increase the level of the native language. Reading various books, we expand your vocabulary, and learning how to combine lexical items. In addition, while reading our brain automatically remembers the correct spelling of words, which allows to reduce the number of spelling mistakes in the letter. Not to mention that reading books greatly expands the horizons of man.
To raise the level of literacy is possible and through a variety of games. For example, solving crossword puzzles, we not only learn new words, but remember their spelling. Various anagrams, puzzles and quizzes also contribute to the development of intellectual abilities. By the way, if you are experiencing problems with literacyYu speech, then we recommend you record yourself on a tape recorder. Note the words-parasites and correctly constructing sentences. Try to utter the same passage with all the necessary corrections. Remember that people with good oral and written faster succeed in life.