You will need
  • - school textbooks in the Russian language;
  • books of Russian classics;
  • courses in the Russian language.
Get off the shelf textbooks and manuals. Of course, there are people with an innate literacy, which, not knowing a single rule, know how to write perfectly. However, the majority still have to memorize in which cases to adjectives to spell one and two "n". If you really want to learn Russian language, with intensive courses you will be able to master the program in a couple of months. Those rules, which you often make mistakes, write down in a notebook, so they're always at your fingertips.
Psychologists distinguish three types of memory: visual, auditory, motor. People with visual memory, it is best to remember the spelling of words, seeing them in front of him. Holders of auditory memory to remember the words as they were dictated. People with the third kind of memory to remember the spelling using the spelling of these words.
Find out what your memory and practice using your strengths. Armed with a copy of the Russian classic in a nice edition. If you have a well developed visual memory – read as much as possible. Try to use every free minute to look at the book. Holders of auditory memory will be easier to do at home, because they have to read themselves aloud. People with mechanical memory every day should be to rewrite a few pages of the classics.
The best result will be achieved if you combine two ways of remembering. For example, after you have copied an excerpt from the story, read it aloud. You will learn to write much faster.
If you cannot fill the gaps in education to help Russian language courses. Studying under the guidance of an experienced teacher, you will be able to learn Russian language in a short period of time.