To begin, decide who your student: a child or an adult..what nationality (Russian or foreigner). It is also important to determine the level of proficiency in Russian language (for foreigners). All the above are basic principles that you must build. Without regard to their you can easily stray into the wrong path. In addition, it is necessary to understand in what format will pass your classes. Whether it's individual lessons or group lessons? Do you teach at a language school or University courses? Depending on this will change and the curriculum.
If you teach Russian language for foreigners, make it easy for them mastering the Russian language to the extent possible. Remember (if you are in Russia) that people was in a different language environment, faced with different culture and are probably experiencing culture shock. Diversify your class exercises give students the "exit" field: if you pass the theme "restaurant" - then drag them to the restaurant, even if they are shy and struggle, if the theme of "Products" - that all truths and untruths lure them to the market, even if they are not good in Russian money.
The main thing in working with foreigners studying Russian language, - overcoming the language barrier and "communication", that is, in live communication. What matters here isn't even the rules of spelling and grammatical errors. Grammar is also important but it's important that people understand and that people understand other people. They need communication skills that will allow them to rotate freely in a different cultural environment. Do not hammer them down so that they don't need and that only unnecessary ballast settles they have in mind.
Russian is more important to explain the rules of spelling and the functions that perform certain linguistic units of their native language. They need to understand what is what in their native language. Stylistics, lexicology, syntax is very important sections of the science of language. A native speaker must have at least a minimal understanding of them, to write and to speak correctly. You see, if foreigners, it is important to teach speaking, native speakers, it is important to teach how to speak and write correctly.
Whoever you were trying to teach Russian language, your lessons should be based on some cross-cultural material to students and students could learn more about Russia. Neither the native speakers nor the aliens can use it. Make use of the texts of the classics, for foreigners - adapted texts for Russian - unadapted to study the language associated with the best achievements of Russian culture. And the lessons will be more interesting for you and for students.