Advice 1: How to improve your literacy

School program on the Russian language, even if it was learned on excellent, over time, forgotten. A large number of people often makes mistakes when writing, and it's their "lame" – wrong built sentences, the mangling of words, obscene language. To prevent the loss of literacy, you need to constantly work on themselves. Today, there are numerous ways.
Literacy development requires constant work

What is literacy

Literacy in the truest sense – a person's ability to read well, write correctly and build it in accordance with the rules of the native language. Literacy can be congenital or acquired.

If you write without errors, but can't play any rules of the Russian language and read voraciously the classics – you have an innate literacy. It is based on the sense of language on the genetic level.

Purchased literacy is the result of self-development and self-improvement, tireless work.

The path to literacy is a staircase with many steps

In the modern world literacy is a hallmark of the man. In its absence it is impossible to get a good paying job – HR-menendzhery track this nuance at the time of receipt of the application or summary. It is noticed that people with right speech, rich vocabulary and ability to write without mistakes, and achieve success in any chosen field. A competent person is a priori perceived as intellectually developed, he more than any other respect. But literacy is a matter not of a single day. You will need patience and perseverance in this noble cause.

Methods of improving literacy

To start, determine what is your "weak" parties, and that you would like to improve: spelling, punctuation, grammar, art of speech. Introspection has to be objective. Next, make yourself an outline and move to the assigned target using the following methods of literacy development.

One method is to read classic literature. The benefits of reading good books cannot be overestimated. Even if you've read all the literature provided for the school program, there are still many new works, which – believe me – you will definitely need. It is possible that once read, you understand it differently – thanks to the acquired experience. While reading, you can feel the style works, collocations, punctuation features. Will certainly expand your vocabulary. In addition, reading helps to develop visual memory. But you need to read slowly, thoughtfully, reflecting on every phrase. Especially pay attention to difficult words and long sentences with complex punctuation.

The second method is armed with dictionaries. This can be as a book and electronic version. If you are not sure how to correctly write a particular word, or are faced with a new word, the values of which do not know – do not be lazy to consult a dictionary. Over time you will need it less and less.

The third method – learn the rules of the Russian language. One rule a day is enough.

The fourth method is to listen to audiobooks. For the development of literacy is very useful to listen to the correct "live" speech. Auditory memory will not hurt.

The fifth method is to write dictations. Start with the easy text, over time, increasing its complexity and volume.

Sixth method – make it a rule to write correctly everywhere. Even in social networks, chat rooms and forums – where in the order of things is to distort the words, conveying only the meaning of them ("finally", "how to thread").

The seventh method – try to make audio or video recording of his speech. If you listen to yourself, it will be easier to understand what is the error your speech.

The eighth method is to develop literacy and can be in the form of a game. Do not hesitate to get involved with crossword puzzles and computer games that help to develop your intellectual ability (anagrams, charades, rebuses, etc.).

The ninth method – enroll in Russian language courses. Professional help never hurt anyone.

Advice 2: How to increase the literacy of the Russian language

Russian language and speech culture is one of the basic subjects in the school curriculum. Unfortunately, with age,the skills acquired during several years of studying the native language isgradually lost. Sometimes wonder what broken language to interpret our MPs, government members and other dignitaries. The question arises: is it possible to increase the literacy of the Russian language as an adult, and how to do it?
How to increase the literacy of the Russian language
In fact, to raise the level of proficiency in their native language, but this process is not a few days or even a couple of months. First of all, make sure that the dictionary of the Russian language and grammar reference, your reference books. Do not be lazy once again to turn to the dictionary if you are unsure of the meaning of a word or its spelling. If you hear a new word, take a few minutes to find out its value and origin. This way you will be able to significantly expand their active vocabulary. By the way, these days it is not necessary to buy a thick paper dictionary Ozhegova Dahl or. Electronic versions of almost all the dictionaries of the Russian language is freely available on the Internet.
The second important point is read. Unfortunately, every year we read fewer books. We are accustomed to getting information from television broadcasts, news sites online or on the radio. We often spend our free time behind a computer screen, not your favorite book. However, this reading helps us to increase the level of the native language. Reading various books, we expand your vocabulary, and learning how to combine lexical items. In addition, while reading our brain automatically remembers the correct spelling of words, which allows to reduce the number of spelling mistakes in the letter. Not to mention that reading books greatly expands the horizons of man.
To raise the level of literacy is possible and through a variety of games. For example, solving crossword puzzles, we not only learn new words, but remember their spelling. Various anagrams, puzzles and quizzes also contribute to the development of intellectual abilities. By the way, if you are experiencing problems with literacyYu speech, then we recommend you record yourself on a tape recorder. Note the words-parasites and correctly constructing sentences. Try to utter the same passage with all the necessary corrections. Remember that people with good oral and written faster succeed in life.
Useful advice
1) do Not expect instant results, improving literacy is a long process
2) More read and refer to dictionaries
3) There are special courses to improve literacy in adults

Advice 3: How to improve literacy letters

Literacy writing is a peculiar business card of a person. If he writes with numerous spelling and grammatical errors, in many cases it will be difficult to qualify for the prestigious high-paying job. Therefore, the literacy of writing for many people is quite an urgent task.
How to improve literacy letters
First of all, you should know the basic rules of the Russian language, they just need to memorize. Some materials on the rules of the Russian language you can find here:
Knowledge of rules is necessary but not sufficient condition for competent writing. A competent person may not remember the rules that he once taught in school – he just knows how to write. To achieve this "congenital" literacy, it is necessary to read quality literature. The correct construction of sentences, punctuation, spelling words the classics of Russian literature must be deposited in the mind, become a kind of template.
A wonderful example of Russian writing is the work of Konstantin Paustovsky. If your home library does not have his books, download their electronic versions in one of the network libraries.
Reading books Paustovsky, listen to the sound of speech classic. Its melodiousness, melody, rhythm. The correct writing is akin to poetry, should flow smoothly, slowly, with pauses in the right places, emphasizing its rhythm. The correct rhythm of the text is the basis to competent writing.
Start to learn the proper rhythm with writing simple phrases of a few words, then match these phrases. For example: "it was a fine spring day. A mild breeze would carry the smell of acacia blossoms". First, combine these sentences without a comma (which is wrong): "it was a fine spring day, a mild breeze would carry the smell of acacia blossoms". According to the rules, these sentences should be separated by commas, as each has a subject and predicate. But if you just listen to the rhythm of the phrase, then catch a break in that place where there should be a comma. Learning to feel the rhythm of the phrases, you'll be able to correctly place punctuation without thinking about the rules.
To master the rhythm, listen to audiobooks. Listen to how the narrator pronounces the phrase where it makes a punctuation pause. When you write your texts, listen to their sound and put the commas in a logically flowing from the rhythm sound.
Use of programs-simulators, which allows to increase literacy written speech, you can find them on the Internet. These programs allow you to test different aspects of literacy, it is possible to choose difficulty levels. Having worked with similar programs, you will be able to significantly improve the quality of writing.
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