You will need
  • - Bank card;
  • mobile phone;
  • - passport;
  • computer.
To learn about the receipt of money on account, use your credit card. For example, query the balance on the card in the nearest ATM.
If the ATM is far away, call the support service of the card holder of your Bank. The phone number of the hotline is written on the back of the card, usually below the magnetic stripe fine print. To find out if you have got the money in your account, tell the associate the credit card number written on its front side, the code word you specify when signing the contract with the Bank (usually the answer to the question "What is your mother's maiden name"), and passport details.
Can't call – please contact the branch of your Bank. Please bring your card and passport. When applying enter pin-code card.
Want to learn quickly about receipt of money on account, connect your Bank service "SMS-banking". On your mobile phone are automatically sent TEXT message from the Bank every time happens the move of your funds in the account (Deposit or withdrawal).
If your Bank provides the service "Internet banking", connect to it, and you will be able to check the balance and learn about the flow of funds to your account via the Internet.
inform themselves about the status of the account. Besides, if your account steal money, you quickly learn about it and can take appropriate action.

To learn about the flow of money to the WebMoney account, go to the website, select the tab "wallet" log in. Find the wallet, which was supposed to receive funds, and check. If money is not received, but is expected to come in the near future, periodically press the Refresh button.