The ability to monitor the status of the account online (Internet banking), and to receive notification of account transactions on the phone (Mobile banking), unfortunately, not available to owners of passbooks. So, to those who decorated the savings book, there is only one way to learn about the balance sheet, income and expenditure. Naturally, this is the walk to the offices of the savings Bank in which the book was open. Therefore, unlike holders of plastic cards to the holders of passbooks this service available only in the mode of operation of the Bank.
Bring your passport or identity card and, in fact, the very savings account. Most of the offices of the savings Bank currently stocked devices of electronic queue. At the entrance to the Bank terminals are where you need to select the desired menu item and get the voucher.
Worker the operating room present your passbook and ID. After that your passbook will pass through the printer, and you will be able to see those transactions (with dates) that have occurred since your last visit to the Bank. Debit transactions are shown as numbers with the sign "minus", and in credit operations, unfortunately, it is impossible to see the sender's name.
No doubt, the savings Bank, as a distinctive product of the savings Bank, will exist for a long time, however the inconvenience of its use, compared to other products of the Bank ever will reduce the audience holders.