Unfortunately, not all banks provide access to your account through the Internet, so you need to call or go to your Bank where you opened your account. If this service is available to customers, you must issue the address of the Bank in the global network and additional information: login and password.
Logging on to the official online financial institutions find the link to access the account. Usually it's called "personal account" or "my account".
Clicking on it, the system will ask for personal information, namely username and password. Some banks login is the account number of the client.
If the Bank has SMS security the data, after entering the password, the phone receives the one-time password. Many banks are trying to protect themselves from fraud or other persons, that is why this password comes to you personally.
If all data are entered correctly, you get in the main menu banking online resource. Usually, the right or the left, are the menu items which link to "information on account" or "my account". Clicking on it, you will see the amount of funds in the account.
Another way to receive notifications of account status via e-mail. Send a letter to the Bank, you receive detail on deposits, Deposit and debit accounts. Usually in the letter specify such information as the surname, name and patronymic, passport data, registration address, account number and code word. But this service do not represent all financial institutions.