Advice 1: How to watch listing

The ease of use of Bank cards to be able to assess many. There is no need to carry large amounts of cash, enough to have one card. But to check receipts not always easy.
How to watch listing
To check the balance of your Bank account when transferring money to the card in several ways: with the help of ATM, cell phone or the Internet.
Viewing cash flow by using the ATM of "your" Bank is the most common. Insert a plastic card into the machine, choose from the suggested menu mini-statement of last transactions on the card account and view the result on a printed receipt. For this service, some banks charge extra.
The following method is the control of transfers via a mobile phone. In large banks there are special mobile services (for example, "Mobile banking" from Sberbank of Russia) and all changes on the account will come to you in the form of SMS messages. When connecting to this service will be charged the monthly fee, but after two months of use.
Online services on the websites of banks are another method of checking the transfer on a plastic card. To connect, you need to apply in the Bank or register on the website. You will then receive a user ID and password. They are required to log into the system as when connected to the service, so when you access the system without a connection. After completion of all operations you will have access to all information on the map.
Mobile service and online service allow you to manage the account is not worse than using an ATM. You can pay the loan, to transfer money to another account, recharge mobile balance and many more. A huge plus is that this can be done in convenient time, without leaving home.
Useful advice
If you are unable to access mobile banking and online service, you can monitor the enumeration of the "grandfather" method. Record in a notebook all the receipts and write-offs on credit card. If the balance of the calculations agree with the balance on the alert, so all right.

Advice 2: How to see your taxes

For each taxpayer subject to the established by the Tax Code of the Russian Federation of obligations on payment of obligatory payments and fees. To check the presence or absence of arrears for the main taxes for individuals, and also to know the specific amount to be paid with the special services of the website of the Federal tax service.
For each taxpayer subject to the obligation to pay mandatory payments and fees
Go to the official website of the Federal tax service. In the right part of the window you will see an interactive box consisting of three tabs, listing the names of the respective services of the site. Open a second tab and go to "Personal Cabinet of the taxpayer".
Confirm consent for the introduction and transfer to the server personal data to be processed and used to determine debts on property, transport, land, tax on income of physical persons.
In the new window fill in fields marked with "*":
• TIN (12 digits, without spaces and hyphens);

• Surname and name (patronymic – do not have Cyrillic letters;

• Region of residence or location of the property. You can enter up to three regions to search for
Enter text on the checkout icon and click "Find". In the table of search results if you have an existing debt on one of the taxes you'll see:
• Tax

• The name of the tax Inspectorate, its address and phone numbers

• Type of debt (tax, penalty) in the amount of

• The date of the debt (updates occur once a week)
Using this service, you can also print payment documents for repayment of debts on taxes. For this table of search results, tick the checkbox of the necessary information about the debts and click the bottom button "Create". The resulting document you can use to pay their taxes in banks.
Useful advice
Individuals pay seven main types of mandatory payments, which include: the state duty, the tax to incomes of physical persons, water tax, fees for the use of objects of fauna and for using objects of water biological resources, land tax, tax on property of physical persons of the transport tax.
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