You will need
  • Computer with Internet access, a Bank card.
The simplest way to check the balance on the account is the visit of the owner to the nearest ATM. To see the balance, first you need to insert the card into the device and enter the pin code. In your account you can check the balance of money on account, ordering a check print or display information on the ATM screen.
Also you can check the balance of your account by calling the branch of your Bank. You will be connected with a specialist who needs the following specific information: name, account number and code word. If you call the correct data, you will be notified by the Bank employee about the status of your account. Services some banks are automated, you need to communicate with the Manager – follow the prompts telephone menu, you have to enter your username and password, after which you will be able to obtain the necessary information. The call must be from a telephone that supports tone dialing.
To know the status of your Bank account you can also via the Internet (the Internet Bank). For this you need to go to your Bank's website and log in to your personal account by entering a username and password. Here you can also see all transactions on your account, transfer funds to another account to run the utilities. Note that the Internet banking today is implemented, not every financial organization.