The subscribers of mobile operator "Beeline" can check the balance of another subscriber with number +79033888696. After you dial, you will answer the answering machine or the operator. You will need to follow the instructions you hear. The answering machine or the operator will suggest to dial the subscriber's number whose account interests you, then complete the set by pressing #. Upon completion of the call will be announced to the account balance of the subscriber whose number you have.
Company "MTS" the service is provided, which is called "the Balance of another subscriber. It connects very simple "Mobile assistant" (you must call to number 111), "Mobile portal" (on the team *111*2137#) or using the "Internet Assistant". You can also use "another account" by sending SMS with text 237 to the short number 111. The response, containing the amount in the account of the subscriber, can be delivered also in the form of SMS. Please note that this operator provides the service absolutely free.
"Balance the family" - service of the operator "MegaFon", which allows to obtain information about the balance of another person. However, you will be expected to obtain from this man permission to access his account. Their permission, the subscriber can send a SMS with the text "+" to the number 000006. After this operation, verification of the account you will be able to call *100*926ХХХХХХХ# (instead of X you need to specify the phone number). The service activation and usage are free.