To find out how does the Bank statement, it is enough to ask the specialist servicing your account to present you this document. In fact, the Bank statement is a summary report of all transactions on the current account for a certain period of time. It is a reliable source of information on the receipt and withdrawal of funds, and the amount of commissions charged by the Bank for transactions.

The composition of the extracts

Any Bank statements contain the following mandatory particulars:
• name of the Bank;
• the date of the transactions;
• the name and account number of the client;
• account currency;
• opening balance on account;
• view of financial transactions;
• BIC of the recipient/sender and the correspondent account;
• the account number of the customer;
• number and amount of payment documents received or sent during the business day;
• outgoing account balance.

The Bank considers itself a debtor of its customers, so write-offs are reflected under the debit, and crediting – the loan. Statements are generated for each operating day during which the account was cash flow. Legal entities account statement issued the next day after the transaction.

Types of extracts

At the request of the customer banking professionals are required to provide a statement for any specified period or during the lifetime of the account. In addition, you can get the extended account statement. In addition to the information specified in the regular statement, this document reflects the name of the company-contractor, and the basis for the transaction or payment. Therefore, the extended statement is very informative. It enables the accountant of the company not only to keep track of all account transactions, but also to visually see what items or services were paid, and for carrying out any operations charged with the Commission of the Bank.

There are some banking regulations that reglamentary the procedure for provision of statements.
• Statement may not be verified by the stamp and signed by a Bank specialist. However, if it is necessary to provide to the tax Inspectorate or other regulatory authorities, to have a mark of the Bank necessarily.
• In case of loss statement, the Bank will provide you with a duplicate for a fee.
• Statements are provided on all customer accounts, including Deposit and current accounts of citizens.