If the online-Bank is in the list of available services, its network address, you can find either in the Treaty itself or in the information applications. You can see in the information section of the website of the Bank. The first step in the process of checking your accountand is the transition to the page with the login form of your Internet-Bank.
Next step - enter a username and password. Depending on what Bank your hosted account, the process of retrieving data for authorization may vary. They can be specified in the agreement or the annexes thereto, and, for example, in Bank "the Messenger", your username will be your personal customer number and the password provided in a separate procedure. It is that when you first log into the InternetBank you should click on the link that says "Get password now", enter your client number, date of birth and click "Get password". If the entered data matches with the registered in the Bank database, the phone number specified in your contract, you will get a TEXT message containing a temporary password. This password is recommended to change after you log in to Internetbanking.
After you have entered the username and password and logged in, opens your personal page of the InternetBank. Find the total current amount available in this account, not working. For example, Bank "the Messenger" it is placed in the table on the first page, in the line "Funds in the account." If you wish, you can learn the details of receipts and withdrawals or print a statement of account - relevant links present on this page.