You will need
  • Card;
  • ATM;
  • - the branch of the Bank;
  • - the mobile phone.
Locate the nearest ATM. Please note that it must match the map. Can the ATM machine to recognise your card, you can see the payment logo printed on the panel. Check the logo of your card that is drawn on the ATM - payment system should be the same.
To check the score on the card, insert it into the ATM (usually the right), enter your pin code and in the menu choose the item "information on map". You will see the income total amount of funds, you can also see the account number of the card.
If you are interested in more detailed account, go to the Bank branch. Ask the operator to check the balance on the card. The controller-the cashier is obliged to provide all the information you need. Find out where received payments, how often order your account statement.
Use the Internet to check the account of your Bank card. The Internet banking service offered by almost all banks. The service is convenient because you can dispose of the funds as you like - pay via the Internet bills to pay. In order make this happen, and fill in a corresponding application to the Bank. Go to the Bank website, enter registration data, those that you were given after submitting an application. You will get individual menu, which is called a "Virtual office" there and find out the balance on the card.
Check the Bank card account via mobile phone. This service is convenient because the need to explicitly check the account disappears by itself. If you have activated the function of mobile banking, reports of the receipts will be sent automatically via SMS. To simplify the task of verifying the card account, activate the service immediately upon receipt of the card.