You will need
  • -a plastic card;
  • mobile phone;
  • computer;
  • -passport
Use directly to your card. To do this, load it into the ATM type and then follow the prompts on the terminal. Select the field "Information and service", then go to "Find a balance". In response to your request, the ATM will give you printed receipt, which will indicate the amount that you have in the account. Just remember that you can check the status of your account, you can only terminal of its Bank.
If you don't like (related to the common activities of fraudsters or you can't figure out exactly how to send the request, etc.), then please contact us for the necessary information to the office of the Bank. In order to know the status of your account, give your card to the teller. Also present your passport to the Bank employee can verify your identity. This is done to protect sensitive customer data Bank. In just a few seconds will tell you all the information. You can also ask for a printout from your account to be able to study quietly at home.
Check your account through the Internet. This is one of the most convenient ways. However, you have to ensure that your plastic card was ready to work with the online system. For this branch of Sberbank, you need to load it into the terminal and follow the prompts that appear on the monitor of the ATM, to allow the work with a map over the Internet. Then you will be given a list of passwords which you will be able to make purchases online. Then you will know the status of your financial history from home. To do this, go to the official website of the Bank and select "Service Sberbank online". Then in a specially designed box, enter your login information. So you will be able to obtain information not only on the account balance, but in other parts of financial history etc.
The owners of such services as "Mobile Bank" can also not go anywhere and monitor the status of your account. Whenever any card transactions on a mobile phone you will receive SMS indicating that you have removed/put on/got money on your account, as well as information about how much you have left to spend. This method greatly saves time.