To view your accountand via the Internet you first need to visit the ATM. Insert your card, enter your pin code. To appear in the main menu ATM. You need to select "Internet services". Next, select "print login-password". After a while, come out two receipts. One will contain your username and password. On another receipt will be provided twenty-one-time passwords.
Now at home you'll be able to check your account. For this you need to open a browser and enter in the address bar You go to the website of Sberbank in the category of "Sberbank online". Using the login and password received in the ATM and specified on the receipt you will enter the system. With the help of a special button you can check your personal account.
When checking facial accountand you will request one of the twenty one-time passwords. After you enter it, you will get all the information about your accountwhich is Also when paying via the Internet using the card you need to enter one one-time passwords.