Advice 1: How to know did the money on the card

If you have activated the service of SMS-informing, the Bank will inform you about the transfer of money to the account. Some lenders send out notices about all transactions, including credit transfer and e-mail. To see if income, you can also through Internet banking, ATM, by telephone or by personal visit to the Bank.
How to know did the money on the card
You will need
  • - Bank card;
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - telephone (stationary or mobile);
  • ATM;
  • - the passport.
To check your account balance through Internet banking you can simply log in. If the information on the accounts will not open immediately, click the desired tab (e.g. "accounts"). Depending on the Bank account balance and recent transactions on it might be visible in the list of accounts. In some cases you will need to navigate to detailed information on interest credit card or.
If your Bank's telephone or mobile phone banking to enquire about account balance, call the telephone number listed on the back of the card and following the instructions of the autoinformer. These data will allow to understand, whether to map the expected amount or not.

Mobile banking can be used to find out the balance by SMS, sending a message to the number listed in the instructions for use or on the website of the Bank.
To check the account through an ATM insert the card into the device, enter the PIN and select the option "account Balance" or other similar meaning name. The available amount will be withdrawn of your choice on the screen or on a receipt, in some cases, only a check.

After receiving the information, you can proceed with the transaction or remove the card.
When you visit the Bank, show the teller your passport and a map and tell me what I would like to know about the account balance and the latest arrivals.

Advice 2: How to send money to the card

Operations requiring a long wait before, now committed in a few minutes, the methods got better, service better quality. And with the advent of Bank cards and life became even easier. Send money to the card in several ways, consider how you can do it through the banking Department. Depending on the organization of work of a particular office, you have to go through one or two stages.
How to send money to the card
You will need
  • card number, passport
Not to spend too much time before to take a turn, make sure that the bar ("window") where you are applying, are engaged in servicing credit cards. Check with the operator or read informational signs.
For processing the money transfer operator will take you to the document proving the identity (passport) and, of course, the number of the card itself, which will be translated. Contact and passport data of the recipient, as in conventional money transfers are not required.
Operator enters all the necessary data and the specified sum of cash. Sometimes you may be asked to validate the entered card number: the operator reads out what he typed, and you compare their number with their records.
The transaction evidenced by the cheque which you will need to review and certify with their personal signature. If in the Bank teller deals with the admission money on their own, so the calculation is made on the spot: you transfer the required amount received from the teller your passport and the receipt of perfect operation.
If in the Bank teller is not engaged in cash settlements, you will get a passport and is issued a token with which you head to the cashier. If you send a small amount of money, I can just remove the passport in place. If we are talking about tens or hundreds of thousands, the cashier will ask to see the passport again. The further procedure is similar to that described above: give money, get a check.
Useful advice
Not in a hurry to get rid of the check. Transfers to the card are, as a rule, in the period from two hours to days (rarely longer). First, make sure that the funds are received at the map, and then send the receipt in the trash.
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