You will need
  • - Bank card;
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - telephone (stationary or mobile);
  • ATM;
  • - the passport.
To check your account balance through Internet banking you can simply log in. If the information on the accounts will not open immediately, click the desired tab (e.g. "accounts"). Depending on the Bank account balance and recent transactions on it might be visible in the list of accounts. In some cases you will need to navigate to detailed information on interest credit card or.
If your Bank's telephone or mobile phone banking to enquire about account balance, call the telephone number listed on the back of the card and following the instructions of the autoinformer. These data will allow to understand, whether to map the expected amount or not.

Mobile banking can be used to find out the balance by SMS, sending a message to the number listed in the instructions for use or on the website of the Bank.
To check the account through an ATM insert the card into the device, enter the PIN and select the option "account Balance" or other similar meaning name. The available amount will be withdrawn of your choice on the screen or on a receipt, in some cases, only a check.

After receiving the information, you can proceed with the transaction or remove the card.
When you visit the Bank, show the teller your passport and a map and tell me what I would like to know about the account balance and the latest arrivals.